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Feb 20, 2008 05:25 PM

Opinions on Blue Room brunch?

Having never really looked into the Blue Room, I recently checked out their website and was thinking about visiting for brunch, and possibly pulling a double and trying it for dinner on a Sunday (which unfortunatley is my only day off at the moment). The look of the place is definatly my style and the food sounds interesting enough. Any recent visits, thoughts, or opinions would be lovely...

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  1. Highly recomend. Bring your appetite! Very eclectic options

    1. I've been to brunch at the Blue Room several times and always enjoyed it. I've never had a bad dish there, and there is always one thing that is so amazing I have to go back for thirds. I've only been once for dinner and if I had to pick one, it would definitely be the brunch.

      1. It's very good, more international in scope...just make sure you make reservations as the place is usually filled up on its two sittings on sunday.

        1. I'd hesitate to say it's worth the price, but if you tend to go in for those expensive brunches, then yeah, it's good. Highlights are hot buttered shrimp over grits, and the freshly grilled lamb chops. There's a lot of egg/bacon/starch dreck. Pastries are so-so. The chocolate bread pudding is lethally rich after all that other stuff.

          1. For dinner, the Blue Room is definitely on my "old reliables" list, having practically created the current template for Cambridge's upscale, casual restaurants, but I have to say I'm less crazy about brunch there.

            By contrast to their dinner menu, I find their brunch to be of relatively poor value; $23pp certainly isn't highway robbery considering the quality, but it isn't a steal either. Being a sweet-carbs-for-brunch kind of a guy, I'm always vaguely disappointed that the menu skews heavily towards the savories. And perhaps above all, although it's a cool, Cantabridgian buffet (no swan ice sculptures anywhere in sight), it's still a buffet, which has never been my preferred brunch format.

            It certainly has its merits, but many of them fail to match up with my personal brunch tastes.

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              Funny, that's exactly why I enjoy the Blue Room brunch so much - it's full of savory dishes and not sweet. The offerings are unusual for brunch, they are more lunchy items to me, such as ribs, lamb, fish, grits, and various salads (both leaf and starch). While it is a buffet, it's not the standard heat lamp over a flame kind of buffet. The chefs cook a small amount and place it on the plate and constantly replenish. Sometimes, this causes a slight delay in the line if one waits for the desired dish. Lastly, BR has great housemade sausage and delicious bacon.

              The dessert table is hit or miss. Although, last month, they had these amazing french macarons. Even though I was full, it didn't stop me from having about 6 of these.

              I think it's worth the $23 pp price. I don't go often because it just leads to gluttony.