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Feb 20, 2008 05:12 PM

Favor re: "The New Joy of Cooking" tapenade

I have a favor from anyone who happens to have the cookbook, "The New Joy of Cooking" There is a recipe for "Tapenade" that I had copied from a friend's book. The recipe calls for 2 cups of black olives, preferably oil cured. I though the recipe called for both black olives and green olives. Could someone look this up for me? I am trying to decide which olives to use. The recipe also calls for a few anchovies, olive oil, brandy or lemon juice, garlic and fresh thyme. I love fresh thyme and I think it really makes this recipe. Help is much appreciated.

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  1. I don't have the book... but I always use a mix of olives in my tapanade.

    In any case if you don't get an answer in time, you can't ruin it by using both!

    1. 2 cups black olives (pref oil cured)
      3 tablespoons capers
      all of the other stuff you list

      I made this for a bridal shower many moons ago and am no reminded of how great it was-need to make it again soon

      1. I have the book. The recipe calls for,

        "2 cups black olives, preferably oil cured, pitted"

        It only mentions black olives.

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          Thanks for the replies. I think I will try a mix of olives since I can never choose a favorite -- I love them all.

        2. The first tapenade recipe I ever used was from Martha Stewart's magazine - at least 7 years ago. Her recipe included lemon peel, which I love & use whenever I add lemon to anything. Now, I don't really follow a recipe for tapenade - just use whatever olives/capers/herbs that I have in the house. But my favorite tapenades always have some lemon peel.