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Feb 20, 2008 05:00 PM

Thai food in South Hills (Pittsburgh)?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a Thai restaurant in the South Hills? I recently started working in Mt. Lebanon and am unfamiliar with that part of the 'Burgh. Our office has pretty much exhausted the usual repetoire of Tokyo, Aladdin's and Mineo's for lunch takeout, so I'm scoping out new options.

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  1. I work right near you it would seem. There is zippo, nada, zilch for Thai. But, if you can substitute Vietnamese for your craving, there's pretty good Pho on Rte. 88 near Conner (Pho 88).

    If I knew there were more Thai fans around, I'd consider making some Tom Kha Gai for a lunch soup, although it's difficult to pair that with a coffee ;-)

    Btw, The Grill is a pretty decent option if you can dine in - no atmosphere, but the cook has abilities. Saloon has good burgers. And while expensive, the Molly's fish sandwich (I think it's the "Purcell") is quite tasty. I've never tried this, but word on the street says Rania's has a lunch counter - gotta imagine that's pretty good.

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      All apologies for the delay in thanking you for the input on the Mt. Lebo dining scene. I've been wanting to try Pho Kim 88 for about a year but still haven't gotten out there; I'm planning on making a trip this week when I have some time to spare at lunch. My coworker and I went to Il Pizzaolo for lunch this week and I was impressed by the speed of the service, but wasn't overwhelmed by the pizza itself. I'd like to try some of the pasta offerings on my next trip. BTW, my office is located in the same building as The Grill, and I am wary of trying the food because of several comments made about the sanitary conditions in the restaurant. Have you eaten there?

      1. re: ecs3722

        I don't eat there often but I have, both before the owner passed and now with the new cook, who, IMO, makes ordinary offerings a bit better than the average greasy spoon. The reviews might be old - the place changed hands last year.