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Feb 20, 2008 04:32 PM

Places take College Son/Girlfriend for dinner

I'm sorry if this has been posted before, but my boyfriend and I will be taking my college-student son and his girlfriend out for dinner this Saturday, and I'm not sure where to go. My son doesn't like seafood (shame on him!) but my boyfriend eats mostly seafood, so we need a place that offers a variety of foods -- but nothing too "out there." We want something casual and fun, that will take reservations, and that is accessible by T. My son goes to school in Cambridge -- my beau and I will have spent the day in Boston --so we can meet in either place. Any thoughts? I had a very delightful birthday dinner at Eastern Standard a few weeks ago (got the idea from this board -- thanks very much!) and so am looking for something like that. We may even end up back at Eastern Standard, but since I live 25 miles out of Boston and rarely get into town I thought it might be fun to try some place different.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. This recent post is a wonderful list of some of the more interesting restaurants on the scene right now:

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        I agree with ECG and Oleana and would add Harvest to the list.

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          Good suggestions but not that close to a T stop

          I'll toss The Blue Room out there.

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            ECG only takes reservations for larger parties. 5+ I believe.

          2. I went to Rendez Vous with my dad somewhat recently. It had great drinks, a nice atmosphere. I got some fish with clams and a basil sauce and he got rabbit with parpadelle. Both of us were happy with our dishes. The food is good, nothing out of control but solid and I think would suit most people's needs. I can't stop taking about the mango bourbon drink that I got and nursed through the entire meal, incredible.

            1. Grill 23 has very good steak AND seafood. I wouldn't say it's exactly "casual," but it's the kind of place you could wear a pair of jeans with a nice shirt and feel comfortable in.

              1. I just had the best dinner of my life at Oleana -- the special was pork stuffed with bread crumbs and prosciutto with a side of manchego risotto. I can't say enough good things about Oleana. You could also check menus at small plates (harvard square) and central kitchen (central square) and see if either excited you.

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                  not expensive in cambridge, casual and pleasant, green street grill, expensive and worth it, salt, blue room, rendezvous. if you don't want to drink, cafe baraka on pearl for wonderful tunisian/moroccan food really special craigie street bistro a bit of a walk from Harvard Square but not that far, chez henri a bit of a walk from Porter Square, gargoyles on red line in somerville/davis square stop.