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Two days in Marshall (Tomales Bay)

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I will be spending two nights (Monday and Tuesday) in Marshall in a couple of weeks and would greatly appreciate any dinner suggestions within a 45 minute drive. Thanks!!

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    1. I've eaten at Nick's Cove twice now and the food is hit or miss. Some dishes (a pasta with wild mushrooms, a stuffed pork chop, fries) were fantastic. Wonderfully rich flavors and well prepared. Others were underwhelming. For instance, my companion and I found the fish tacos to be bland and limp (in contrast to Michael Bauer's experience).

      Cafe Reyes recently got a glowing review of their wood fired pizza, but unfortunately the post was deleted. I tried a sausage pizza there and although the sausage released a lot of grease onto the pizza, it was still pretty good. Classic wood over crust. I also enjoy siting at their outdoor tables with a glass of beer, reading, and occasionally looking up into the hills.

      If you are also looking for breakfast pastries and good strong coffee, Point Reyes has two offerings - the Bovine Bakery and Toby's. The former only has drip coffee (but so deliciously strong and rich) and the latter does espresso. Both open early.

      Nick's Cove
      23240 Hwy 1, Marshall, CA 95450

      Cafe Reyes
      Point Reyes Station CA, Point Reyes Station, CA

      1. Can anyone comment on the Olema Inn? Or Manka's in Inverness?

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          Here's Stormy's in Bloomfield -


          Manka's burnt down. Olema Inn serves local oysters (of course) - very tasty. (better than Nick's) Menu is average, but friendly place.
          Toby's Barn in Pt. Reyes Station has best coffee! Marshall Store for oysters for lunch.

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            Enjoyed the food at Olema inn, seasonal rotating menu so go with what looks good. The bread was disappointing; it could have been brickmaiden if they cared, but instead it was generic flavorless restaurant bread.

            Service was ludicrously pretentious, and the wine list was overpriced and poorly selected, or at least the expensive bottle of wine we had would have been priced about right at 1/5 the price for the quality.

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              Hi. The Olema Inn is closed for renovations until 3/1. I would call to check before planning on going there. http://www.theolemainn.com/

              I ate there last year and enjoyed the ambiance and service. The food was decent to good. We had a steak which was a little tough and a fish dish with beurre blanc.
              Here's my review.

          2. Not counting Manka's, Seaweed Cafe's the only great food I've had out that way.


            Seaweed Cafe
            1580 Eastshore Rd, Bodega Bay, CA 94923

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              Have you been to Nick's Cove? I really want it to be good, but have doubts.

            2. Boy I really miss Tony's for old style fish. I haven't had a chance to get up there for quite some time but it has always been great. They really good great fish and chips and oysters among other stuff like that. It's not a fancy place.

              Tony's Seafood Restaurant
              18863 Highway 1, Marshall, CA 94940

              1. Thanks to all for the great suggestions so far. It looks like virtually every suggested option is closed on Tuesday, so we may need to drive a little further from Marshall. Additional suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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                  The Olema inn is no where close to opening & the chef has left. I dont think Nicks Cove Is good at all. West Marin is food wasteland without The Olema inn & Mankas.

                2. Oysters!

                  Hog Island is in Marshall. Open until 5pm. Charges $5 to use their picnic tables
                  during the week ($10 on weekends). Supplies oysters, hotsauce, and shucking knives.

                  Tomales Bay Oyster Company is about 5 miles south of Marshall on 1. Open until
                  6pm. No charge to use the picnic tables. Supplies oysters only. Bring your own
                  oyster knife or buy one there for $10. Bring your own hot sauce, lemons, other food
                  and drinks (easily purchased in Pt Reyes Station).

                  If you're right handed, a left-hand work glove is a highly recommended safety
                  apparatus. And the other way around. Both places have friendly staff who will provide
                  basic oyster-opening instructions. It's not too difficult.

                  1. Stopping in at the Marshall store, near the kayak place, for lunch is the best way to spend any day in Marshall. It's just a little general store with an unassuming counter and an outdoor grill but the oysters are the best I've ever tasted and the sandwiches and soups are delicious. It's the perfect chill afternoon.