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Feb 20, 2008 04:23 PM

Tex-Mex breakfast

Can you help an ex-Austin resident (from back,back in the day) who needs to get his Tex-Mex or Mexican breakfast fix on a four day visit in April?I'll be stayiying at the Hyatt Regency and could use some recs for the South side.One day on the road to Llano for lunch.Another day towards the airport and then out East towards Louisiana.I remember La Reyna.Matt's El Rancho and El Arroyo as having some fine food.Thanks in advance 'hounds.I get back to you after the trip.Thanks from cold and snowy Nantucket,Ma..

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  1. Hi Rockbound. I enjoy Matt's although it mostly takes heat here. Le Reyna I'm afraid is just bad and El Arroyo is a good place for drinks. Here's a breakfast thread that contains my probably partially inaccurate recc for Cisco's, which I love:

    It mentions Juan in a Million, a far better choice at breakfast than the ones you mention. Again some Austin character. Try to find out about Arky's too--their trash tacos are really something and it's a smalltown diner throwback the likes of which won't be around for long. And if you can make it up to north central I'll take whatever heat necessary to recommend Enchiladas y Mas , migas with cheese and a side of fajitas or deadly good thick crunchy bacon, yum. Please please please check out El Regio's wonderful roasted chicken and beans and some of the trailers so many have done so much work to detail here. Search MPH and Mexican and you'll find all that. Al pastor on soft corn with cilantro and onions and some deadly creamy looking green sauce , El Regio works for that too or the related Regiomontana on Riverside, now we're talking.

    Llano is Cooper's bbq, you're very lucky to be driving to some of the best bbq in Tejas.

    And east may take you to Lockhart, I choose Smitty's although you can't lose there. Plenty of threads on Lockhart bbq.

    1. Two of my favorites for tex-mex breaky are:


      Both are great for some patio dining on a nice April morning.

      1. You will not be far from Habanero's just east of the intersection of Oltorf and S. 1st. Roberto's special, migas, chorimigas pena-style, and the machado are all excellent.

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          Just had the Roberto's special this morning. My new favorite breakfast. Only complaints would be the two eggs are tiny. Why can't restaurants buy jumbo eggs? and store bought tortillas. ugh. I wonder if they'd get upset if I brought my own?

          1. re: achtungpv


            I have never thought that the eggs were small. In fact, quite the opposite has been my opinion. This may have been an aberration. I agree that Habanero's need some decent homemade tortillas.

            In some interesting news, I have heard that they have bought the building next door. They were unsure exactly what they were going to do with it, but it appears there is an expansion in the future.

            1. re: El General

              Wow, that is really exciting news. Does it look like they are planning to open the extension soon? HMC can get packed around lunchtime—at least, it used to get packed. The last time I went, it seemed like the construction on Oltorf was having a negative impact on their business.

              1. re: MPH

                It does not appear that anything is moving yet. I am not even sure that the previous tenants are out yet. I would not expect a fast change, and they were not eve sure how to incorporate the property.

                Expanded seating would be nice. You need to get there before 9 am on a weekend to avoid a wait.

        2. thx hounds, perfect timing on this thread for us -- coming to visit next week.

          i hate to ask after hearing some bad news, LAS MANITAS still open?

          also, as we're staying at the austin motel as usual, what is the opinion on EL SOL Y LA LUNA these days?

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          1. re: mrnyc

            I used to be a big fan of El Sol y La Luna, but feel like it has gone down hill in everything from service to food quality to preparation.

            1. re: El General

              I ate my last meal there more than a year ago, and I used to be a fan as well. They really toned down all the heat and flavor on the entire menu to the point where...well, what's the point, I can get bland eggs at IHOP.

            2. re: mrnyc

              I used to really like the place. My last five... six? visits have been terrible. I can't call it an aberration any longer. The streak is statistically significant. Avoid unless they do something to shake things up -- new owners, new chefs, new something.

            3. Thanks for the replies-I'm back from an extended trip to Austin and New Orleans.Two quick notes:the tacos (lengua,barbacoa and patata) at Arandas #5 were outstanding.And the overall best BBQ (amongst L.Mueller's,R.Mikeska's,Southside Mkt.,Kreuz' Mkt.,Opie's,County Line,Smitty's,Sam's and Luling City Mkt.) was Smitty's.Best combo of food and good times was at Ranch 616 (thanks Kevin).Thanks again for all the help from Chowhounds.Chow,Andy