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Feb 20, 2008 04:09 PM

All things St. George

Just moved to the St. George neighborhood of Staten Island. What’s good around here? I need the scoop: Restaurants? Take-out? Butchers? Bakeries? Fishmongers? Much obliged.

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    1. For Mexican you got "Marcellos" at 104 Victory Blvd. That's the name of the owner, not the place. Try to go when little Ana from Oaxaca is cooking. Great salsa frescas, moles and chile rellenos... basically a lunch counter so be prepared to rough it. They bake Mexican breads and pastries as well. The Polish Place on Corson has a very good deli with smoked mackarel, several kinds of kielbasa and wonderful pastries. The attached restaurant is very good for the price... try the chicken meatballs. Up the hill on Victory you got New Asha Sri Lankan and over by St George Theater there's Enoteca that seems to have a buzz, there's a pastry shop next door. Cargo Cafe is decent bar food. Lots more, but I'm weary this Monday.

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        Flaco's right about the Polish Place. I've had soups & pierogis from there (as take-out) and they were very good. Didn't know about Marcellos. Went to Enoteca Maria once -- great wine, food just OK, but the chef changes daily, so you may do better! I like Vida on Van Duzer & Beach for casual/Mediterranean/sortaMex dishes, great bistro atmosphere.

        Do you get the SI Advance? There's an entertainment section each Thursday called "Awe," and usually a restaurant gets reviewed. Their main critic, Pam Silvestri, seems good and honest...not afraid to pan places or dishes that she doesn't like. Earlier critics were too eager to be nice.

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          Forgot to mention, the bakery next to Enoteca Maria is nothing special. I've tried the pastries/cookies.

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            What about the new Tapas place right by the courthouse? Also, isn't there a rehabbed dive bar in the area?