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Feb 20, 2008 04:08 PM

Restaurant/belly dancing suggestions..???

Hey Guyz,

I went to this Turkish restaurent in Chicago caleld Ala turka...they had excellent food n Arabic dancing on the side....resonably priced...4 the quality.
Something similar to that is in Toronto called "The Sultans Tent"...but hav heard very bad things about it.

Can any one suggest ne nice places where they have good food n arabic dancing aswell in Toronto.

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  1. For what it's worth, I went to Sultan's Tent a while ago and had a good experience. Also ate at the cafe in the front and enjoyed it as well.

    1. Not sure what bad things you heard. I had a dinner there in the summer, I figured the food would suffer to support the decor, but they proved me wrong. Nice service, good food; not spectacular, but nothing bad at all.

      1. People are divided about the Sultan's Tent.I liked the food & decor, but wasn't especially impressed with the bellydancers. If you go, check to ensure that it's a straight performance, not a situation where they pull people from the audience up to make fools of themselves.

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          FYI, it's not always the same dancers; they use a variety of local dancers, am not sure if its from one specific school/troupe. I found them to be VERY unpressuring about bringing people up. They certainly invited us to, but if someone went shy, they were not obnoxious about it. Part of the general (tourist) attraction of places like that is that they are willing to teach you some basics of the art. The ladies I have seen dance there are all proud professionals, and they are not trying to make fools of people, but rather share their love of the dance. And ultimately they only dance for about a 20 minute show, so if you're going for the food, you won't be disappointed or "bothered".

          1. re: The Goddess

            Sorry, gotta disagree. We went for my birthday and I was literally dragged up out of my seat, despite my protests. We went because we wanted to see the professional dancers perform, not people like me.

            Sure, not all of the dancers are going to be that obnoxious about it, but we really went because we expected to see an actual performance, not some lame audience participation thing.

        2. Anatolia - Turkish restaurant. Belly dancing on the first Friday of every month.