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Jan 21, 2002 10:15 PM

Food Nostalgia: Vegetarian on 3rd?

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One of those "I have a really vague memory of something; how much of it have I imagined?" questions:
About 25 or so years ago, was there a vegetarian place run by Orthodox Jews on the south side of 3rd St. just west of Fairfax? Anyone remember anything about it? I have a vague memory of eating there once or twice....


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  1. I think I am having a "flash back" to the 70's There was a vegetarian restaurant, which I remember being around Fairfax and 3rd. It was small, and a little musty with two rooms. It was Jewish, Vegetarian, and the dish I remember best was an incredibly good stuffed bell pepper. They also had pastries displayed in a case that were creamy but non dairy...Is this the one you might be thinking of ?? There also was a Golden Temple vegetarian place down the by Sikhs.

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      Could it have been H.E.L.P....?

      The Beach Boys had a song of the same name. .. I recall lyrics that spoke of delicious Veggie chow on Fairfax & 3rd...(?)