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Feb 20, 2008 03:48 PM

Breakfast in Blue Bell, Plymouth Meeting...etc.


Where can I find a good breakfast place in Blue Bell, Plymouth Meeting, or near the Blue Route? I heard the Blue Bell diner sucks, which is a shame.

Any ideas?


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  1. If you're willing to travel a bit further west on Germantown Pike, I recommend Deeg's Place in Evansburg. Evansburg is just past Methacton High on the way to Collegeville.

    Deeg's Place is only open for breakfast and lunch and has a large menu of items. Their omelettes, french toast, and specialty pancakes are fabulous, and the lunch menu is quite good too by the way.

    1. I guess my last post was not acceptable for some really odd reason.
      All I said was, you might want to try the 401 Diner in Conshohocken. (not fancy but okay)
      If you wanted to get a bit more upscale, Cassis in Radnor has a lovely Sunday brunch and they are right near the Blue Route.
      (now, what was wong with what I said forum nanny?)

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      1. re: idia

        I really dig the 401 Diner for breakfast. The "Corn Muffin Delight" and "Southwestern Grill" are just great. The creamed chipped beef is good, too.

      2. You may want to try Ray's on Germantown Pike near 202. Also, if you're going down the Blue Route, try the Radnor Hotel just off the Rt 30 exit. Other than that and possibly not as close in as you need would be Bruno's in Lafayette Hill or the Fairlane in Erdenheim.

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        1. re: Den

          The Blue Bell Diner hasn't been open in quite a while, but it looks like yet another incarnation will open there in the relative near future.

          Den's suggestion of Ray's is decent, but IMO, that place has gone downhill quite a bit. The service has gotten slow and the food has gotten to be mediocre.

          The Blue Bell area is dying for a good breakfast place. The closest thing is in Montgomeryville at a deli called Pumpernicks.

          1. re: mitchh

            Mitchh, I totally agree with you about Rays. We went there the other night at 7-ish, and even though the place was practically empty didn't get back out again until after 9! YUCK service.
            I drove by the bb diner tonight, there were lights on and cars outside, so it looks like someone is doing something in there for sure.
            I've heard good things about a diner on 63 in Lansdale, but haven't been there yet myself. Pumpernicks is the best around, IMHO.
            I'm going to have to look for Zina's in Ambler tho, it's much closer to home.

            1. re: jujuthomas

              Rays is ok. The chocolate chip pancakes and greek salad stand out. Everything else is typical and somewhat sloppy. I've made the mistake of ordering florentine eggs - don't make the same mistake.

        2. Go to Zina's Kitchen in Ambler. It is a tiny little place, the owner is always there and makes everything herself. It has no atmosphere to speak of but the food is fantastic and the prices are dirt cheap.

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          1. re: AmblerGirl

            We're always looking for a place to eat breakfast in the Blue Bell/Ambler area. Can you tel lme where Zina's Kitchen is?

            1. re: Jdbc

              It is right in the borough on Butler Ave across from the Dodge dealership. It is in a completely non-descript building and a bit dumpy looking from the outside. The homemade food more than makes up for lack of atmosphere. They serve yummy nutella crepes!

          2. There are NO good bfast places anywhere near BB or plymouth meeting. All of the restaurants listed here serve diner-quality bfasts -at best.
            May I suggest that you have cereal and head to Philly and eat at Sabrina's Cafe at 9th and Christian. Prepare for a wait unless you get there early!

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            1. re: Displaced California Foodie

              Maybe it's my Jersey upbringing showing, but what constitutes a "diner-quality" breakfast vs. what goes into a superior breakfast?