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Dessert/Coffee place for someone that doesn't eat wheat or dairy

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I know this is a toughie. A girl friend and I would love to catch up over coffee and something sweet...the only caveat is that she doesn't eat wheat or dairy.

Are there any places that have a selection of cakes, desserts etc. that have no wheat and dairy in them that also serve coffee. I know we can go to a local chain coffee place and get a latte with soy milk but I don't think they carry desserts that have no wheat or dairy in them.


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  1. Try Big Carrot on the Danforth.

    1. You might want to give Fressen a call -- I believe many (if not all) of their desserts are vegan and a few probably have a gluten-free twist to them as well.

      1. I was at Moonbeam in Kensington the other day and they had vegan treats. Not sure how strict your friend is on not eating wheat but I did notice that some of the vegan treats were also made with spelt flour...


        1. Il Gelatiere Artiginale has great coffee and soy based/fruit based gelati in addition to their dairy gelati. I'm not sure they would have soy milk, but you could call and check ahead of time. Or stick to espresso.

          Live Organic Food Bar on Dupont also has dairy free and gluten free sweets and coffees, but the sweets weren't as tasty as the savoury food imo.

          Soma was making a great wheatfree chocolate cake at Christmas, but I can't remember if it had dairy in it, and I can't remember if they serve any beverages besides hot chocolate.

          1. Fresh on Bloor (at Spadina) or Queen West - nice lattes (with soy milk if requested) and yummy vegan desserts.
            Le Cafe Vert on Queen East might be another option. They have vegan options on the menu and nice coffee they often lace with cardamom.
            Most coffee houses will give you soy milk on request. Just not sure which ones (Aroma, etc. have vegan dessert choices).

            1. There is a new cafe called Mozart at the corner of Elm and McCaul, underneath Elm Place. I haven't eaten in there yet, but they have wheat free crepe and waffle on the menu.

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                Skip Mozart Cafe. I've been, and it's sub-cafeteria. Good concept, mediocre food.

              2. Very good sweets that meet your need at Spot Coffee. (South across from the Rogers Centre beside St Louis Wings)

                TIP: Order the small americano, not the large.

                Although their coffee is usually very good, they have very unfair pricing in my opinion. The Americano comes with 2 shots whether you order their small, medium or large. So the big difference between the price for a small and large is just for the water. Not only that but the small is nice and strong but the large tastes watered down. Most places give one, two and three shots to meet the size difference. I complained to them and was told by several employees that their machine that makes single shots broke down a few months ago so they have no choice but to only serve 2 shot drinks for all sizes. HUH!?!

                I would boycott but the small is good value and their location is sometimes most convenient for me.