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Feb 20, 2008 03:07 PM

Help me find the Dumpling Lady in Englewood, NJ.

My boyfriend told me about this place that a friend took him to about 5 years ago in the Industrial section of Englewood off of Route 4 (By Bennigans). It was a white building and inside there was a little dumpling factory of sorts. He said the dumplings were really cheap. They came in a styrofoam container of 50 with shrink wrap on it. THey were fresh and whatever she made that day was what you got. It was about $9 for 50 of them. He was never able to find it again and always talks about it. Anyone have any idea where this place is/was and if it's still around? I'd definitely like to check it out!

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  1. There is a thread on another food board that I'm guessing is about this's called (or was-the last post on that thread is from March '06) Arirang and there is also a sign on the same location that says Pelicano. 318 Broad Avenue Palisades Park (201) 585-1944 or 1945.

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      I think you may mean Mandoo, Inc, 75 Sheffield Ave, Englewood. Sounds like it fits the description. If this isn't the place it is worth the trip!!!

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        Wow! Thanks so much! That sounds like it! I definitely will score points with my man!!! LOL This board has really proven to be so helpful! I can't believe I didn't know about it sooner! Thanks again!

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          My pleasure-now you have me in the mood and I'm heading over there today myself!! Be sure to get the ginger dipping sauce. I usually get the shrimp dupmlings, but I believe they have a few types and I think they also have a few other items There's a sign right when you walk in with the menu. This place is hard to find-let me know if you need further intel.

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            Is it close to the Balthazar's outlet? I heard there was a korean mandoo "factory" near there.

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              It is not far from the Balthazar's outlet. I went over to pick up dumplings today and was told they will be moving this Spring to a new location in Englewood on Hudson St. I believe.

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              can vou give more specific directions? you got me now!!

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                They are currently doing construction on S. Dean street so I will have to send you another way. If you are going to Balthazar continue on S. Dean st. then stay left at the split in the road. At the light (Grand Ave.) make a right. Go to Sheffield Ave. (after Sonny's pizzaria) and make a right. Here's where it gets weird...Sheffield sort of ends and then continues on the other side of the RR tracks. After you cross the tracks make a right and then your first left back onto Sheffield. The dumpling place is a little way down on the right side in a white industrial building. There is a small sign on the side of the road that says "Mandoo". I hope this helps-directions are NOT my forte, sadly.

      2. Mandoo Inc. is now called Best Dumplings and they moved to 16 Humphrey St. in Englewood (open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; telephone #: 201-568-9337).

        We picked up a dozen steamed beef and veggie dumplings and they were great! The beef was flavorful and the vegetables tasted really fresh. My husband loved their spicy ginger dipping sauce.

        You can buy bags of 40-50 dumplings (beef and vegetable, vegetable, kimchi, chicken, shrimp, shrimp and broccoli, and leek) for about $13 each or buy a small order of eight or a large order of 12. They also offer steamed red bean buns, plain buns, dumpling and sushi combinations, sushi, chicken teriyaki, spicy spare ribs, sweet and spicy chicken, bibim bab, chap chae, dumpling soup, dduk gook, ramen, and yookgaejang. Everything is reasonably priced (between $4 to $8). They also offer free delivery to Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, Tenafly, and Leonia between 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

        Wish they delivered to the Hudson

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          Thanks for the tips everyone. This will save me a trip back to Flushing!

        2. The place you're referring to was called Mandoo. They moved from the location in the industrial park and are now called Best Dumpling on Humphreys St. in Englewood. Large bag of dumplings now around $14.00. Great sesame ginger dipping sauce, very clean. They have some other items available in this strictly take-out place. Restaurants buy from them

          1. are they open on sundays? tia..

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              Phone number is posted above^^^^2/14/2009

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                I found out the hard way that they're not open on Sundays anymore. i wasn't too happy when I saw that they were closed, but luckily Han Ah Reum is only two blocks away. It wasn't a total waste.