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Feb 20, 2008 02:40 PM

Traveling to Italy...

So I'm going to have 4 days and 3 nights in Italy to do as I wish (after a trip there for work). I will start off and have to end in Bologna, so i can't stray too too far from around there.
Of course i want to see Italy but I'm pretty convinced that the best way to experience it is through delicious food and wine. so, any recommendations on 1-2 places i could spend these 4 days that would be most fruitful, in terms of outrageously delicious food?
(I am the type of person who doesn't need a menu, i'll sit down for a 5 hour meal and put myself completely in the chef's hands - if they are trustworthy hands!)

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  1. Be sure to take the time to do "Search this board" searches for Bologna, Modena, Parma, Ferrara, Florence, etc. These are all cities well worth visiting within a 1- or 2-hour train ride of Bologna. You will find dozens and dozens of helpful prior posts here for you.

    The one "do not miss" dining experience is likely the small dining room at the Guisti food shop in Modena. There are posts about it here you can read. Advance booking is required. I think they serve lunch only.

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      I should also mention that the Tamburini food shop in Bologna is one of the finest in Italy and is a must visit. They do serve lunch there as well, but it is much, much more of a modest affair than dining at Guisti in Modena.

    2. I would suggest via delle Belle Arti. There are several great restaurants to choose from. The trattoria past the movie theater has been a staple for many years. Also, Osteria d'Orso is nearby and casual. Tamburini isn't all the hype, but I believe everyone should try it once.

      Ferrara is outstanding and only 20 minutes on the train that leaves frequently. Try IL CICLONE in Via Vignatagliata. Their house pizza in the Ciclone, and it's the bomb. Also, here is the city's website in English, It has the info on art shows, history, music...etc

      If you can make it to Modena to eat at Hosteria Guisti, that would be worth it. You have to call to make reservations. There are only 4 tables.

      Florence is only an hour away, but make sure you take a train earlier than 10:30am, otherwise it is Eurostar hell.