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Feb 20, 2008 02:16 PM

Good bites in Ashland, OR?

Anyhow got any suggestions....breakfast, lunch & dinner recommendations all welcome!

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  1. Search this board and you will find the answer. Although the information might be a few months old Ashland doesn't experience much change.

    Welcome to our community. Enjoy.


    1. It's a little off the main drag, but my family and I had a wonderful dinner at Peerless Restaurant last summer. The staff was wonderful, I enjoyed a cold beet soup, duck confit and we shared a wonderful dessert, though I forget what it was. Also, they barely mark up wine prices on one wine per month, it's sort of a partnership with local wineries and we had a GREAT Umpqua Valley Pinot from Brandborg Winery for $28. I called the winery to order some and much to my surprise their price was only one dollar less than at the restaurant.