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Feb 20, 2008 01:47 PM


The weather was nice and warm, so I went downtown for a quick lunch. I had a hankering for a JapaDog. JapaDog has become a bit of a chowhound icon in downtown Vancouver.

I had the Oroshi (with Daikon Relish). It hit the spot.

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    1. re: fmed

      To round out the experience -- some Japanese KitKats. Off to Konbiniya (a popular Japanese food store on Robson St frequented by the multitude of Japanese International Students here in Vancouver).

      1. re: fmed

        This stuff looks amazing! I can't wait until my next trip to Vancouver.
        Where downtown would this place be?

        1. re: whackamole

          Corner of Burrard and Smithe right downtown. It's across the street from the movie theaters on Burrard. (It's also right next to the Sutton Place Hotel wine store.)

          1. re: whackamole

            And for KitKats -- Konbinya (Japa-English for "Convenient Store") is on the Robson Street strip (around 1200 block?). You can get these at other places too (H-Mart, Fujiya, etc.)

          2. re: fmed

            those japanese kitkats are crazy! which one is your favorite? and could you explain what oroshi is?

            1. re: alex8alot

              >> those japanese kitkats are crazy! which one is your favorite?
              Chestnut. I find the white chocolate ones too sweet (I bought those for my daughters). They have lots of other flavours - I like the adzuki red bean flavour too.

              >> and could you explain what oroshi is?
              In this case, it is the short form of oroshidaikon or grated radish (daikon). The dog itself is a plain bratwurst.

            2. re: fmed

              DH is in Vancouver this weekend. I just emailed him the link to this thread :)

          3. I saw the JapaDogs on the Vancouver episode of A. Bourdain show, I can't wait till my next trip to Vancouver, I really have to try them. I passed by their cart when we were there last year, and I can't believe we didn't buy one.

            The KitKats look good too!

            1. Oh, I am so jealous! I had read all about Japadog on the boards (and had seen on fmed's maps). I was in Vancouver at the end of January and wanted to try one for myself. Unfortunately he was closed. My next trip to Vancouver will be primarily to try a japadog! (and now maybe one of those japanese kit-kats).

              1. I just had a look at the japadog website and noticed they have a new item:

                Kurobuta(black hog) is the most highly prized pork in all of Japan.
                Kurobuta is 100% pure all-natural Berkshire pork.That exists today for Kurobuta- the "Kobe beef" of pork.

                Has anyone tried it?

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                1. re: llkerr

                  I finally tracked down the cart as well, and was well pleased with my terimayo dog. THe Kurobuta, was not something I would order again. Very "juicy", think mini-geysers of grease and pork jus, not necessarily a bad thing, but I found the texture very coarse, something I don't like in a weiner. Not chunky, but coarse. The flavor was quite strong as well.

                  1. re: toutefrite

                    Just had some today. Very juicy and more porky than regular dogs. I like the texture...not chunky...more raggy, if you know what I mean.

                  2. re: llkerr

                    I've been meaning to try the kurobuta, but every time I go to japadog, I opt for the oroshi (my fave). I keep telling myself that I'll try the kurobuta next time, since I'm a fan (though I've never had it in sausage form).

                    I will definitely have it next time...

                    1. re: aburitoro

                      I tried the kurobuta a few days ago. It was good, though I had two gristly bits in mine, which were definitely chunky. I didn't mind though, since these bits weren't too tough to chew (I'm the guy who cleans off the bones when eating kalbi). Definitely juicy and good, though a pit plain compared to the three other dogs with japa-toppings.

                      Next time, I will ask them to make me a kurobuta oroshi, as I imagine the daikon should offset the fatty weiner quite nicely.

                      1. re: aburitoro

                        A couple of things: first, Japadog has opened its second, amazing stand at the corner of Burrard & Pender. Just outside 510 Burrard St (convenient and delicously where I work!). They're only out when it's not raining and seem to be there about 11am until 6pm ish. They also offer slightly different dogs to the one at Burrard and Smithe - you can have the Terimayo (teriyaki, onions, seaweed flakes, mayo) with all types of meat, including turkey, fish, kurobuta, bratwurst etc.

                        Secondly, to your point about wanting the kurobuta but ordering the oroshi, at the Burrard and Pender one I ordered the oroshi but with kurobuta pork and they said no problem! I always have the kurobuta - it's sooo delish!

                    2. I try to go here every time I visit Vancouver. My favorite one is the one with the mushroom thingies on it... I forget the name. >_>;