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Feb 20, 2008 01:46 PM

Steakhouse with cook your own option

Have you been to a steakhouse where you could grill your own? Did you enjoy it? Where was it and the name. I have never been to one and would like to try one. Thanks for the help!
PS I know some people think "Why would I want to grill my own steak? Didn't I go out so I don't have to cook?" It's a novel idea and I'm a guy that doesn't always make sense:)

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. About 10-12 years ago while on vacation in the Virginia Beach/Williamsburg area, we took our children to a place like this. Sorry don't remember the name. Kept the kids enthralled long enough to have a semi decent dinner. Dont recall it being very expensive, somewhere around Pondersa Steakhouse pricing.

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          I swear this place is nationally famous. Even people who have never been to the area used to ask me about it when I lived there. I first heard of it when I was moving from OH to VA, and the mover told me about it.

          It's The Grate Steak, and it's in Norfolk, VA.

          They have a giant grill in the middle of the room, and you go up there and slap your steak on it, and eat when ready. They prepare the sides, and there's a salad bar.

          Edited to add: This place isn't a chain. They did have a couple other restaurants in the Hampton Roads area, but they are closed now. The Norfolk location is its original and only location now.

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            Roman, you are absolutely right. This was the place we went to. Can't swear it was in Norfolk, but somewhere in that vicinity as we were in between the Outer Banks and Williamsburg. It was long time ago (1996), don't remember the food as spectacular but it served its purpose.

            1. re: Diane in Bexley

              They did have two other restaurants at that time - one was in Chesapeake and the other was in Hampton, with the flagship in Norfolk. So you might have gone to one of the branches. And no, the food is nothing to write home about, but people sure seem to like the concept.

        2. I've been to a few when on vacations to Colorado. I've only seen them "out west" (I'm from the Northeast). I think these places are a lot of fun-- the meat is generally good quality, you can obviously cook your steak exactly to your preference, and the restaurant provides things you probably don't have at home, e.g. a commercial grill and various spices, oils, etc.

          I'm not aware of any chain that does this. The places I've seen & visited have all been independent restaurants, as far as I know.

          Does anyone know of any New England places that let you grill your own steak?

          1. Prime Quarter Steak House has six locations in Wisconsin and Central Illinois. Grill it yourself or they will cook it for you for a nominal extra charge. A small independent in Carpenteria called The Palms also does this and has been doing it for decades. Just south of Santa Barbara.