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Feb 20, 2008 01:40 PM

Girls Night Out in B'More

Looking for a nice place for dinner and wine for 20 women for a bachelorette party (we're all in our mid-30s) before we hit the bars. Departing from Federal Hill but willing to go anywhere in Baltimore. Good food and wine are a must. Thank you!

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  1. salt. wine market , kali's court,Pazo

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      I'm not from the B'more area, but I love it and visit often. I've had great meals at Wine Market. The space is plenty big for your group, and depending what time of year you're doing the event, they have outdoor seating. The wine prices are just unbelievable and the food is solidly good (not the best I've ever had, but definitely good enough).

      As an example, we enjoyed with an '04 Kistler Les Noisetiers, with lunch, for 60 bucks. I've never seen it under a hundred.

      Check 'em out and drink a ton of good wine from the retail store right in the restaurant. I'll be jealous in Providence, as we have nothing like that here.

    2. What about Three... in Patterson Park? My friend had her birthday dinner there last summer, and they gave us a great deal (something like $35 per person including beer and wine). The owners and staff were incredibly friendly and generous, even though we must have stood around mingling for about an hour before we actually sat down at the tables they had reserved for us. Don't remember exactly how many were in our party, but it was at least 15 people.

      1. Bachelorette Party and I think good food, wine and people watching! Salt is pretty small and so w/ 20 you'd pretty much take up the back room which means no people watching.
        I second Pazo. How about Red Maple - app/tapas style food w/ 'beautiful' people?
        Or Tapas Teatro might also be fun. Only thing is, 20 people doing tapas/shared food is a bit of a nightmare (from experience) so you might want to ask about a set menu or find a place that has more entrees.

        1. Not so good on the people watching front, but what about Henninger's? You could probably take over the little dining room. Other than that, my first thoughts were of Pazo, so consider the idea thirded.

          1. I would suggest Pazo or Babalu Grill or Red Maple. I know Pazo and Babalu Grill offer free valet, not sure about red maple