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Jan 21, 2002 04:48 PM

Noodle World / Hainan Fried Chicken

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There have been a couple of messages here in passing to this place, but I thought I'd mention it too. I went to the Pasadena location but they apparently have branches in Brentwood and Alhambra. This is a general purpose vietnamese/chinese noodle/soup/rice plate place with an assortment of impressive looking fruit shakes and boba drinks. I ordered one dish which I really like but see only rarely (never, in fact, in North America): the DEEP FRIED version of Hainan chicken, most commonly served in Thailand as far as I can tell. This is chicken filet(white meat, if you ask for it that way) marinated for about a week in garlic, coated in a tasty msg/flour batter, deep fried and served with that sweet/hot thai sauce and a generous portion of chicken flavored rice. Sinful yet delicious! (If anyone comes across this dish elsewhere, I'd like to know about it.)

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  1. Sounds similar to Hunan Chicken. There's a wonderful version of this at Hunan Taste on San Vicente, just where it intersects Olympic and Fairfax