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Feb 20, 2008 01:15 PM

next raid on chicago.

already planning my next chi-town caper. looking for some great pho (b'way/argyle area? or elsewhere?) some great thin-crust(home run inn-my ageless favorite,or elsewhere?).and maybe some great bohemian/czech.any ideas will be greatly appreciated! art

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  1. Higher end Mexican? As a transplanted Kentuckian myself, I can't think of anything comparable to Frontera, Salpicon, Adobo etc back in KY.

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      If you're open to other kinds of foods, let us know. If I were flying here from out of town for food, the foods you mention wouldn't be the ones I would choose. I think the Mexican places LabRat mentions are a much better choice. Our various deep-dish pizzas are way better and more unique than Home Run Inn pizza, which - regardless of whether you like it or not (I don't) - is similar to what you can get anywhere in the country. I'd get some food from one of our better Thai restaurants (e.g. TAC Quick), maybe head up to Devon Avenue if you like Indian food, and Greek places in Greek Town, etc. Also check out some of the suggestions posted at

    2. Best Pho, I think Tank Noodle is pretty good at what they do. If you find great thin crust pizza let me know

      1. Try 777 Pho, IMO their broth is better than Tanks (which is on the sweet side). For Thai, I prefer Spoon Thai over TAC, for thin crust pizza, Pats on Lincoln Ave is my fav. I don't think I have ever had bohemian/czech food. Gonna have to try that... I will monitor this thread for recs.

        1. Unfortunately, a lot of the Bohemian/Czech restaurants in the Chicago area have been closing shop over the last few years. Luckily, one of our favorites is still going strong. Czech Plaza in Berwyn proves how good (not necessarily healthy) Bohemian food is. Being 100% Bohemian myself, I'd say this is the best around.

          P.S. If you're there on a day when they have potato dumplings, I'd opt for those!