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Feb 20, 2008 12:52 PM

Anyone been to Mia Dona?

Going there tonight....anyone been? What do I need to get?

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  1. Went last week, the octopus was delish- overall the meal was very tasty but super heavy- the roast chicken came with meatballs and was covered in cheese

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      did you have any of the pastas? how were they?

      1. re: G3B

        my mother in law did, tasty but still on the heavy side- once again I thought the dinner was very good, but just too heavy- which is odd since I cook with butter freely and have yet to meet a cream sauce I did not like

    2. I went tonight. Great space and great service, but the food was a mixed bag. My friend and I shared the gnudi as an appetizer, which were great. The desserts were also great--an ice cream sandwich on a brioche was the standout, but the napoleon was also very good. The mains, on the other hand, were somewhat disappointing. Her braised short ribs were somewhat overcooked, and I didn't care for the polenta preparation. I had the orata, which was better but somewhat bland and uninspired, and the accompanying mushrooms were stewed to the point where the flavor had been drained out of them.

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        I went last week and overall was very pleased. Standouts were the baccala and ricotta appetizer (a holdover from Dona, and as good as ever), and the gnudi were fantastic. Loved the crisp chips of speck and the mushrooms. We were brought a main course serving when we were expecting the smaller app. portion, but no problem, we ate it all. I too was a bit disappointed by the orata. It was described as coming with a "ragu," which made me expect a sauce, but it was more of a plain grilled fish filet with some braised mushrooms. My friend's mixed grill looked like a better choice...she said it was some of the best meat she'd ever eaten.

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        1. Would anyone here happen to know if they have their liquor license yet?

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          1. Sound like a bit of a mixed bag... was wondering if anyone has tried it in the past couple weeks? Am thinking of going tonight.... Thanks!

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              I went back a week or so ago and ate at the bar. I think I might have a new favorite restaurant. I had the crispy rabbit with fingerling chips, which was kind of like a rabbit version of fish and chips, with a cucumber-dill remoulade in place of tartar sauce. Very tasty (although the chips were a bit too salty), and I held onto that remoulade to dip my bread into. Then bigoli pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe, also very good. Very friendly service both times I've been here. I ordered a wine by the glass that the bartender didn't think too highly of, and he offered me a taste of it. I agreed and ordered something else. A nice touch that doesn't happen often enough.

              1. re: Boswell

                Did you find the food to be exceptionally heavy like the others? I am thinking of Mia Dona for a special occasion - is it too casual for a celebration? Thanks!

                1. re: Snaps

                  Not really...and if you have a light appetite, you can make a meal of an appetizer and half order of pasta, as I did at the bar. For an informal celebration it would be fine I think. Tables are close together and hard surfaces make it a bit noisy when full.

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                Ii had a good dinner two weeks ago. Started was the squid which was not grilled, as the waiter had described, but was good anyway: Pieces of the squid body in a caponata-like preparation. I followed with the ricotta gnudi with speck...excellent. Casual and friendly. Pretty crowded bar scene up front.