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Feb 20, 2008 12:50 PM

Tri-Cities or Walla Walla area

Does any one know of any really good upscale restaurants in the Pasco, Richland, Kennewick or Walla Walla area that caters more towards a romantic dinner date then family dinners? I really would like to find a place to have a nice dinner and maybe a little dancing too.

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  1. Patit Creek in Dayton, WA (about an hour north of Walla Walla) is in my top-5 of all time. May be a bit more of a drive for you based upon the Tri-Cities-ish listing of cities, but would be well worth it. Try the bacon wrapped fig appetizer and the peppercorn steak. Not really a dancing place, though.

    1. In order, Whitehouse Crawford in WW, Saffron in WW, 26 Brix in WW, Patit Creek in Dayton. I've never found much to speak of in Tri-Cities.

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        I second Whitehouse Crawford in Walla Walla. We had a lovely dinner there in November while visiting. It is quiet, charming, with sophisticated food. I had a whole Mediterranean white fish that was perfect.

      2. Patit Creek has my vote when it comes to intimate.

        Save Saffron for friends and more casual - not for a romantic dinner. Too lively and tables are close together.

        1. Try Apollo's in W. Richland. Very excellent Greek Restaurant and with intimate atmosphere. It's a bit larger than Patit Creek, but amazing food and service. Picazo 7Seventeen on Sixth Street in Prosser (a mere 20 minutes from Tri-Cities) is amazing with the kind of atmosphere you are looking for. Desert Wind Winery in Prosser also is very nice. Dancing in the Tri Cities or anywhere....hard to find.

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            I forgot the Plateau Restaurant in Pendleton. Amazing food made with local goods such as their Walla Walla Sweet Onion, Onion Soup....mmm mmm mmm

          2. Tagaris is our favoriate restaurant in Richland. It rivals with Seattle restaurants. We've always been impressed when visiting. Olympic Blue is a nice restaurant in Kennewick. Anthony's homeport in Richland is always good. /