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Feb 20, 2008 12:22 PM

ISO Korean Fried Chicken (Pollo Pillo isn't it)

Just had a thoroughly mediocre (and I'm being charitable) fried chicken lunch at Pollo Pillo, and I'm reasonably certain it's not what the NY Times was raving about here: . To add insult to injury, Pollo Pillo is right across the street from Langers; eating greasy, unappealing chicken surrounded by panhandlers is somehow even worse when you can look out the window and see people enjoying the best pastrami in the city.

I know this has come up before, but can anyone point me to a place that has real, good, Korean fried chicken? Please, don't make me beg.

Pollo Pillo
696 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90057

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  1. i enjoy the tong dak at ob bear. it's located on 7th street, 1/2 or so block east of vermont.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        YES. I fear I'm somewhat addicted to Kyochon.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Ill definitely have to second Kyochon, I finally made it there a bit over a week ago and it was realllly good. I already had to go back a second time since.

          1. The Prince. Get the Tonda: whole fried chicken. So crisp, moist, delicious! Comes with a bit of cole slaw, some jalepenos and hot sauce. The space is large, kitschy old British. I love The Prince.

            The Prince
            3198 W Seventh St
            Los Angeles, CA 90005
            (213) 389-2007

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            1. re: slacker

              An EXCELLENT CHOICE, the whole fried chicken at The Prince.

              1. re: slacker

                prince has bom chicken.
                you're right slacker bout the ol' british kinda decor.
                everytime i go i wonder if i'm in the right place.

              2. there's a place in the Chapman market on 6th between alexandria and kenmore that serves fried whole chicken. It's super crispy but pretty bland. You've got to go to Kyochon in any event.

                1. Prince is the best bet for best "TongDak" (fried chicken) in Ktown. Make sure to order the small size, it is so much better than the large version.