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Great Burger in a Magazine Street Bar

I was in NOLA SEVERAL years ago and we had the most amazing burger in a bar on Magazine street. Or at least that is how I remember it!! It was a small hole in the wall sort of place and you placed your order at a small window inside.

Does anyone have ANY IDEA where this is? I know it was on Magazine....we are coming back in March and I want to go back!!


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    1. re: grlwprls

      That could be it...I was traveling from Bourbon street and I seem to recall it being on the left side of the street?

      1. re: Tex in the City

        Bulldog is on the left and you do order your food at a walk up window inside, but their burgers aren't anything to scream about. Not to pry, but you said you had just come off of Bourbon. I have woken up with pizza stuck to my cheek believing that the pie from the night before was THE BEST PIZZA EVER only to be disappointed when I tried it sober. Bulldog is a relatively cool place to hang out, especially on the patio. But, don't make a huge effort to get one of their burgers. Oh, and don't buy all the hype about Port of Call. It's a burger... Unless it's kobe beef served with a cheese I can't pronounce, it's probably just being used to soak up the booze!!!

        1. re: TigerAtty

          Oh that one made me chuckle but we were sober!! Maybe it was the atmospehere or the company I was with that made it such a great memory. Or it cound have been that we were there for a conference and getting away from it for a bit was so delightful that it really seemed amazing! I tihnk finding decent food in a bar was part of it too. I live in New York and aside from Corner Bistro we don't have a lot of bars with really good food.
          Thanks to everyone!!

    2. It definitely wasn't the Buddha Belly. Their burger (although on Magazine st.) is a big disappointment.

      1. Probably the Bulldog. They have a good burger and not just a good bar burger. That's also how you order, through a little window across from the bar.

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        1. re: N.O.Food

          The fact that anyone thinks Port of Call is a good burger really makes me wonder. It's a dry tasteless hockey puck (even cooked medium rare) with cold shredded cheese on top.

          I've not had a burger at the Bulldog, although I have eaten there. For your future visit the Bulldog is at Pleasant on Magazine. Right across from the Breaux Mart. My neck of the woods!

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            Thanks much!! If it turns outwe are in the area at one of our feeling times we will have to stop in. A bar with decent food makes us very happy people!!I tihnk the firned coming with me would dig it.

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              So how is the Breaux Mart? Last time I went grocery shopping there, it was an A&P.

          2. Is everyone on this Board forgetting about the best burger ever on Magazine??? AT2's!! (now known as Monkey Hill) The burgers at this place rocked and it was on the left side of Magazine on the corner of Magazine and Webster!

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            1. re: nolalawyer

              Monkey Hill is at least 5 miles from Bourbon. That's quite a stroll for a tourist.

            2. Best burger in town is at Martin Wine Cellar. Best by a longshot. They do really good special burgers every day, too. I'm dying until they re-open the one on Baronne. Anyone know when they're opening up again?

              1. Can't help you on the Magazine St thing, but Phil's Grill out in Metairie has a pretty good burger...beaucoup choices, including mixed sausage/beef. Wacky monthly specials, too.

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                  OH...I was at Kosher Cajun yesterday and drove by Phil's on the way home and the smell made me pop a ubie to see where it was coming from....definately on my next burger stop list

                  I loved the sign for lent burgers- salmon and cilantro- chili tuna...teryaki shrimp

                2. Although I think you're talking about The Bulldog, there's a new bar on Magazine Street with really good burgers called Storyville - just Uptown of Napoleon Avenue. They've got a lot of different topping combinations and I've been very happy with them.

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                  1. Could it be Le Bon Temps Roulet?? They do have a window inside for ordering food.

                    1. Great burger (during the day or late night) in the quarter is from Jimani on the corner of Iberville and Chartres.

                      1. Storyville. I just had to reply to this post because of the paucity of accurate responses, I am pretty surprised really that so many people could miss the mark and not mention Storyville (though someone finally did above). They have a great burger menu, a great one. Pretty friendly and not bad looking waitresses, good beer and they, again, have a burger menu that can't be beat in this town, and I mean that literally. The parking can be tough but I think Orleanians know what to do, park on the side street and not on Magazine. Go to it, enjoy it, patronize it (the owners renovated what used to be a pretty run down dive bar), they're a good place. Right by Napolean.

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                        1. re: Tsantiago

                          However, Storyville just opened in the last year or so. He mentioned several years ago.

                          1. re: malenky

                            Shoot, you are certainly right; apologies to all. It really is the best place to get a burger and if it wasn't Storyville then I can't think of any place on Mag serving a burger worth remembering several years later.

                            1. re: Tsantiago

                              Out of curiosity, did this location used to be Peppers? I hope it's not Brother's Three, because the absence of that bar would be a shame (for me).

                              1. re: dianalily

                                Yes. The old Pepper's is now Storyville.

                        2. The Bulldog or Parasol's (one block off of Magazine on Third St)...