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Feb 20, 2008 11:48 AM

Downtown Brooklyn Courthouse Area Lunch Spots

I got picked for jury duty, despite my best acting performance in years. So I'm stuck in downtown Brooklyn, 360 Adams Street to be exact, for the next several days. I am beyond distraught and the only thing worth living for right now is lunch.

I've been online trying to make sense out of what is seemingly a non-ending strip of KFCs, Subways, McDonalds', and other chains whose food is more or less inedible.

Brooklyn Heights is so close, I figure there MUST be somewhere worthwhile to go that doesn't cost $20 for lunch.

Chowhound can you help me?

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  1. Brooklyn Heights restaurants, or what's left of them, are renowned for their mediocrity. Nonetheless, if you're not into the fast food chain thing (I'm guessing that includes Chipotle and Five Guys), you could still venture 2-3 blocks down Montague St. and try Taze (Turkish), Kim Paris (a new Vietnamese place at the corner of Henry St.), Heights Cafe (at Hicks St.) and/or Teresa's (Polish) just past Hicks St. Can't guarantee satisfaction, but I imagine these are the better lunch choices in the immediate courthouse vicinity under $20, barring fast food, pizza, delis, chinese, etc.

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      Not cheap, but just a bit down Court St., Queen is open for lunch. Some of the best old style Italian in the borough.

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        Buono Gusto on Montague, they have lunch specials. Decent food, nice atmosphere. If its not on Montague it's on Remsen -- sorry i cant remember! 1 block up either way from the courthouse.

    2. You could do Middle Eastern food on Atlantic Avenue. Waterfalls, Yemen Cafe, Fountain Cafe are all good. Teresa's on Montague for Polish food. Heights Cafe is next door. Not mind blowing, but solid American food in a nice atmosphere. Someone mentioned Queen. Great place, but don't think it fits your criteria necessarily of under $20 and may not want to try and rush to do it in the one hour you're given.

      1. for my recent jury-duty assignment:
        I had lunch one day at Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches on Atlantic @ Smith St (their pho is also surprisingly good);
        a gyro from Souvlaki Cafe and a roti from Justin's - both on Lawrence St;
        bibimbap (tuesdays & thursdays) @ Henry Express, Henry St b/t Atlantic and Pacific;
        and one day we had an hour and a half lunch break, so I had an sit down meal @ Hibino on Henry St @ Pacific - they have great lunch specials

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          Bibimbap at Henry Express? I've never noticed that on the menu before. Was it any good?

        2. You are probably released from jury duty by now, but just in case, I live in the area and actually frequent the courthouse for work. Unfortunately, the choices are very poor. The only place on Montague is Lantern (near Hicks) which is Thai. On Cranberry, near Henry is Iron Chef House which has really good Japanese. If you have extra time, take a right out of the court st. exit of the courthouse and walk down cadman plaza toward the water to Grimaldi's (pretty sure its open for lunch). Only pizza and antipasto, but really good and probably not too many tourists at that hour. Regardless, they get people in and out of there really quickly. Other than that I agree with Fountain on Atlantic. Good food shops which have food to take out are Garden of Eden on Montague, Damascus and Sahadi's.

          Dinner is another story...

          Good Luck!!

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            Just one correction. Iron Chef is on Clark between Henry and Monroe. It's good, but I would agree with EJC, as I'm partial to Hibino.

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              i'm five months late...
              but fatoosh on hicks is really good....the fish kebab is quite good though they started putting curry in the sauce which removes some of the purity of it....fountain cafe is my maintstay--the chicken and beef kebab are real good....overall good at everything

          2. I'm pretty late too, but since it's summer, I'd get a sandwich from Lassen & Hennings deli on Montague and eat it on the Promenade. You're stuck in the courthouse - no need to be stuck inside at lunchtime too!