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Feb 20, 2008 11:26 AM

Denver Restaurant Week

Denver Restaurant Week is upon us, February 23-29. I'm curious as to where people are dining and what they are eating!! Please share your stories.

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  1. Seven of us are going to Via on Tuesday. We're the only Boulderites in the group; the rest are from Denver.

    1. We are going to Le Central on Sat and Nine75 the next Friday. I know they probably aren't the best value for restaurant week as they aren't terribly expensive to begin with. However both had menus that looked good for both my husband and I (not easy to do!) and we've haven't been to either before. I'm excited!

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        I actually think going to a more moderate place is actually a GOOD idea during restaurant week as you receive more "bang for your buck". Experience and other folks lead me to think that sometimes the higher end spots have to "dumb it down" so much that it's not a real representation of the place's true style or quality. I remember frosty service at one favorite place and I was confidant it was because we were "going cheap".

      2. We are going to Restaurant Kevin Taylor, Mizuna, and possibly Oceanaire. It's our first year of dining during Restaurant Week and I'm anxious to compare the food and service to non-Restaurant Week experiences.

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          Expect a smaller menu selection, a more harried waitstaff, a busier dining room (especially in midweek when retaurants are often quieter) and upbeat, even grateful, fellow diners. Even at top restaurants, you might not have peak dining experience, but to me, these restaurant weeks are, on balance, really positive for all involved. Bon apetit!

        2. We're going to Aix and Highland's Garden Cafe. Have never been to either, and seemed to offer more choices and be less chintzy on offerings than some other places. We'll see...!

          1. 9th Door - tonight
            Texas de Brazil - Friday
            Luca di Italia - Thursday
            Tamayo - Monday (maybe)

            Yum yum!