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Denver Restaurant Week

Denver Restaurant Week is upon us, February 23-29. I'm curious as to where people are dining and what they are eating!! Please share your stories.

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  1. Seven of us are going to Via on Tuesday. We're the only Boulderites in the group; the rest are from Denver.

    1. We are going to Le Central on Sat and Nine75 the next Friday. I know they probably aren't the best value for restaurant week as they aren't terribly expensive to begin with. However both had menus that looked good for both my husband and I (not easy to do!) and we've haven't been to either before. I'm excited!

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        I actually think going to a more moderate place is actually a GOOD idea during restaurant week as you receive more "bang for your buck". Experience and other folks lead me to think that sometimes the higher end spots have to "dumb it down" so much that it's not a real representation of the place's true style or quality. I remember frosty service at one favorite place and I was confidant it was because we were "going cheap".

      2. We are going to Restaurant Kevin Taylor, Mizuna, and possibly Oceanaire. It's our first year of dining during Restaurant Week and I'm anxious to compare the food and service to non-Restaurant Week experiences.

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          Expect a smaller menu selection, a more harried waitstaff, a busier dining room (especially in midweek when retaurants are often quieter) and upbeat, even grateful, fellow diners. Even at top restaurants, you might not have peak dining experience, but to me, these restaurant weeks are, on balance, really positive for all involved. Bon apetit!

        2. We're going to Aix and Highland's Garden Cafe. Have never been to either, and seemed to offer more choices and be less chintzy on offerings than some other places. We'll see...!

          1. 9th Door - tonight
            Texas de Brazil - Friday
            Luca di Italia - Thursday
            Tamayo - Monday (maybe)

            Yum yum!

            1. We're going to Osteria Marco tonight, but I wouldn't be surprised if we order from the regular menu. We also had lunch at Steuben's today, and are thinking of going back one night this week for their restaurant week menu. It includes their lobster roll, which I've never tried, and peach cobbler.

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                We're trying Encore tonight. I actually really like Steuben's lobster roll, though I have never had the "real thing" back East to compare it to. It would be interesting to see if the rolls this week are as stuffed full with lobster as they usually are...

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                  All portions including the lobster roll are the same as everyday at Steubens

              2. Went to O's Steak and Seafood last night. It was a great experience. Portions we regular size (it was a ton of food actually, we both left stuffed to the gills).

                They offered quite a few selections on their 5280 menu (6 apps, 4 entrees, 4 deserts) - which is pretty much a regular sized menu.

                It was a terrific value, and a great experience. They were very busy (I expect more so than usual), but they handled the crowd very well.

                I will post a review of the restaurant later, but wanted to post that the restaurant week deal was great.

                1. Wanted to report back on our Le Central restaurant week experience. Overall I would call it very positive. We had lobster bisque and a mushroom tart for starters. The bisque was okay, but did not have a lot of flavor. The tart was delicious, could have been a tad warmer, but had a nice taste and silky texture. For dinner we both had the veal, which we enjoyed. Their was an interesting side that was like a spaztle, but with the consistency of mashed potatoes. It was yummy and buttery! I don't know what dessert was called but it was like a mousse cake with a pistachio crust on bottom. Very tasty! I had a wine flight (I LOVE wine flights!) that was 4 3 oz pours for 6.50. The wines were all unknown to me and I particulary enjoyed two of them. My husband had a plate of fries in addition that were very salty, crispy and hot...perfect!
                  The restaurant was VERY busy, but the service was quite good even if a little harried.
                  Just as a side note - many patrons were eating mussells and frites. We aren't into mussells, but if you are this appears to be the place to go.

                  1. Seven of us went to Via Ristorante last night. It was good but not as great as I had hoped, given the James Mazzio connection. Among us we had the soup of the day and salads as the first course; fettucine, ravioli, salmon and chicken as the second course, and both desserts as the third course. Service was on-and-off. I did a blog post at http://culinary-colorado.blogspot.com... detailing the entire meal.

                    1. Have been to Encore and Mizuna this week. At Encore, I had the chopped salad (not my favorite) and the filet (very good), topped it off with carrot cake (okay to good). Noise level was close to deafening, but contributed to a festive atmosphere. Mizuna last night was fabulous as usual. Both the beet and goat cheese terrine and the chestnut veal pasta were very good. I had the tilefish, which reminded me of a dish I would get in Hawaii - very good, with some asian influences. I really enjoyed it. My husband's pork was good as well, but I preferred the fish. The Valrhona choc cake was very good but not as great as I expected. Good for Bonanno for participating in DRW - when do you ever get to eat at Mizuna for $26!!??!!

                      1. I went to Vesta last night and it was terrific! Service was wonderful and the restaurant week menu selections were perfect. Started with fresh bread and a whole roasted clove of garlic, for apps we had the bacon and egg salad which was beyond words. For the main, I had the chicken and my bf had the steak. Both were very good. The dessert was our favorite, chocolate cake and ginger cheesecake. I can't wait to go back.

                        1. Went to Jax Fish House on 2/23. Not too bad, fairly small menu for 5280, but the catfish was excellent and creatively prepared. We're headed to Mosaic on 2/29, on the Parker/Lone Tree border. It's a relatively new restaurant, and I'm curious to see what they have to offer. For those going to Kevin Taylor, I envy you. It's one of the best values for this week, and they do an excellent job with their menu.

                          1. I just went to Vesta, and highly recommend it. I had never been before and was very impressed. Kevin Taylor's always good, as is Mizuna.