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Feb 20, 2008 11:14 AM

Salsa protocol

I know that you should eat whatever salsa you like with whatever you like - if you like it lol.

That being said though, is there a protocol for certain salsa for certain meats, dishes? By protocol - I am kind of hinting at traditionally. As in traditionally you would take a salsa verde with your cabeza taco

This question was spurred by a review of a san diego food writer who went to a Tijuana restaurant and was advised by the woman cooking which salsa should be added for his various dishes i.e the above cabeza with verde and"the brown one has chipotle in it you eat that with your asada."

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  1. Obviously like wine, white for chicken and fish, red for beef. Therefore, green for ojo, oreja, cachete, lengua or labios and brown for steak.

    1. Oh yeah.... in Mexico City there is no choice the taquero usually chooses for you... definitely each taco has its apropriate sauce.... of course what is deemed appropriate is determined by where you are...

      > In Puebla... Carnitas (usually made from Costilla) can only be served with Salsa Encacahuatada (Peanut Salsa) but in Uruapan they don't even know what Peanut Salsa is;...

      > in Mexico City... Al Pastor is always served with Jalapeno salsa (Roasted Jalapenos, Olive Oil, Water, Salt)... as the right combination for the Achiote Adobo, Roated Pineapple & Onion in the meat... but throughout the rest of Mexico is usually a roasted Ancho-Tomatillo salsa

      > Barbacoa is usually served with Salsa Borracha or Chipotle Salsa

      > In Hotlands Guerrero most sauces aren't very pungent... and they are likely to serve a rich Pumpkin Seed-Parsley salsa with brains

      etc., etc., etc.,