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Feb 20, 2008 11:12 AM

Restaurant In Parkland FL

I am looking for a place in or near Parkland or Coconut Creek for dinner this Saturday. Does anyone have any suggestions? I saw JB'S Blue Water Grill. Has anyone dined there?

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  1. Casual seafood--clams, fish sandwiches, etc--try The Whale on rt 441 in Parkland
    Excellent sushi/japanese at Japango. Also on 441 in Parkland
    Finally--Bella Sera in Parkland is excellent Italian. Probably hard to get a reservation on such short notice.

    1. there is La Vie en Rose in Margate - good, reasonably priced French on 441 just south of sample road. there is Rosano's in Coral Springs in the Heron Bay shopping center on Coral Ridge, good Italian and they don't overcook their pasta. not too much dining in Parkland :)

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        I have to second La Vie en Rose. It's amazing. The brie appetizer is a must try.

      2. I would go with Bella Sera over Rosanos...I think the food is better there, and it's a bit nicer, but it depends on what you are looking for. I have had inconsistent food quality and service at Rosanos.....I also love The Whale for casual seafood, and Japango is great too, if you want sushi, but a little pricey. They just added another room, and I hear it's lovely. I have not been to Blue Water Grill but one of the folks I work with loves it. Are you looking for a specific price range or type of cuisine, or family friendly, etc?

        1. Alright, alright there are some downright crazy things being said here!! I live in Parkland and dine in Parkland and I can tell you that uniformly, the Whale is hated. I cannot find one person who enjoyed a good meal there other than stone crab claws which are literally impossible to screw up. I have been to Bella Sera and I think it is highliy over-rated. The $48.00 shrimp appetiser is obscene and the meals are basically old school italian at extremely high prices.

          if you want some place good, try Japango. A little pricey for Japanese but the meals are great - the sushi is over-rated. La Vie en Rose is very good. Reasonalbly priced french in a very quiet atmosphere. JB's is Good. There is a back room for video games for kids to play in also. What are you interested in and what is your price range? Any kids?