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Jan 21, 2002 01:19 PM

What's Good in Anaheim?

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I will be attending a conference at the Anaheim Conference Center in March. We are staying at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel. What do you recommend close to the area, and farther out? I like small, good ethnic restaurants - especially Japanese. Also interested in a nice place for a staff dinner (not too expensive or formal). Any suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. Someone asked a similar question recently, so to avoid this becoming the Department of Redundancy Department, check out the link below. Really good Japanese restaurants are non-existent in Anaheim as far as I've been able to determine. There are some good options nearby in Fountain Valley, but that's probably further than you want to go (do a search on the CH home page for "Orange County sushi" or "Orange County Japanese" to find some other strings on this topic). If you do feel like taking a bit of a hike, I'd recommend going to the Little Saigon area on Bolsa for Vietnamese (do a search for the multitude of recommendations).

    In the string below I made a few recommendations for Thai, Laotian, and Peruvian options nearby, but I'm taking back my recommendation for Nory's Anaheim location. The jalea that I ordered last Thursday was a big disappointment from what I've usually had (it was almost all squid - very little shrimp - and they didn't include the toasted corn, which is essential). The lomo saltado de pollo was still pretty good though. Nory's other location in Stanton (corner of Chapman and Knott) is still excellent, however, and I highly recommend it. If you're in the mood for Peruvian, the Anaheim location of El Pollo Inka a few blocks north of ball on Euclid (about a half mile from Nory's) is my best nearby recommendation.

    I agree with Woo! about Napa Rose, but this is a rather expensive expense account restaurant. When conventions are in town this place can be fully booked very far in advance, so plan ahead to avoid being turned away. Their wine list is great, if somewhat overpriced, and it's the best bet in the area as far as "fine dining" options go.


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      The Nory's in Stanton is at the corner of Knott and Cerritos, not Chapman. And in my earlier Anaheim reply, Thai Nakorn is west of Knott's Berry Farm, not east. Sorry!

    2. There's Zankou Chicken on Ball Road at Gilbert. Great flame roasted chicken with crispy skin and a garlic sauce/paste that makes your mouth water. It's an Armenian place and has good shawarma and other entrees.

      Don't forget to order extra hummus and bread - yum!

      Zankou Chicken
      2424 W. Ball Road


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        torta basilica

        For a staff dinner, Thee White House in Anaheim on Anaheim Blvd. & Ball I think is a good, dependable upscale Italian in a very charming setting. Not cheap, though... Mr. Stox on Katella in Anaheim is close & is an old favorite in what is pretty much a culinary wasteland (except for Napa Rose, which comes with mixed reviews & a high price tag). Great bread & excellent wine list - I'm sure they would set up a prix fixe menu beforehand to keep the budget in control.

        1. The best Japanese resteraunt in that area is Koison...hands down. You will need reservations as it is very popular and unless you're a regular you wont get seated in the sushi bar (the chef Sam has to get to know you and then issues you a number that you give with your reservation to be seated in there...thus you have to have a friend get you in the bar in the first place...crazy!) BUT you can be seated in the dinning room and don't wear jeans...they really look down on it. They're in Orange on Katella....I believe the cross street is California.
          As for other resteraunts in the area.....Mr. Stocks is pretty awful, and those others listed are not that close to Anahiem....I would suggest Felix's Continental Caffe in old town orange on Chapman or PJs Abbey on right off of Glassel on Almond. Both are local favorites and great and in Orange.....I've lived in the area for five years and can attest that most other resteraunts in the Orange/Anahiem area are REALLY bad.

          good luck

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            PJs Abbey is perfect for your staff diner...they're american but with flare.....Felix's is great but small and often crowded...they serve cuban.