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Feb 20, 2008 10:30 AM

Breakfast in the Warehouse District

We are former residents of NO who moved to the cold New England area 10 years ago. we make it back "home" every year or so. our next visit is in April for the kids spring break and by chance the first weekend of jazz fest.

what I am hoping to hear today are some casual, inexpensive breakfast places in the Warehouse District or CBD so i dont have to overpay for breakfast in the hotel.


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  1. can't think of anything in the warehouse district, but in the CBD my favorite breakfast spot is the Commerce, which is on the corner of Camp and Gravier. It certainly meets the criteria of casual and inexpensive and, more importantly, the food is very good. Nothing fancy. Just your standard breakfast fare of eggs, grits, bacon and the like--great biscuits, too--but done very well and served in healthy portions by very nice people.

    1. Supposedly, Lil' Dizzy's on Poydras does a good breakfast. We haven't been, but a friend of ours works there, and he says it's quite good.

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      1. Other options close by include the Blue Plate Cafe, Surreys, and the Bluebird Cafe. All in Lower Garden District

        1. Yeah, I'll say it - Mother's.

          1. Deanie's (@ the Annunciation/Tchop split) has a very cheap, casual, and good breakfast, but they are only open weekdays.

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              I second Deanies.....

              When I moved here, it was a chowline, breakfast and lunch, for the various factories that were once working, but now converted to condos.

              They have gone more mainstream to get some of the convention/museum business, but are still reliable