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Feb 20, 2008 10:21 AM

Ess-A-Bagel Price Hike

A couple weeks ago my brother Lurker W. went into Ess-A for his usual Sunday bagel and was shocked -- shocked! -- to find they had raised their per-bagel price to $1. He stormed out and went to David's for a flagel.

His boycott lasted another week but he caved and is now back at Ess-A.

Anyone else shocked to pay $1 for a bagel? Since Ess-A's are as big as a small child's head, $1 really doesn't seem too outrageous. My earliest bagel memories from Providence are of paying $.08 for bagels, circa 1968, that were probably one-third the size of an Ess-A bagel by weight.

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  1. How much are the bagels now?

    1. I work in midtown east and I've never paid less than $1 for a bagel here...and none are nearly as good. They are $1 at most of the good places I've been to.

      1. Apparently the price hike is related to a weak wheat harvest in China. It was not a good Shavuot in Beijing.

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          By the way Bob W, I believe David's calls it a "flat bagel" and not a flagel. Perhaps you are confusing it with the squagel, a bagel-like bread product sold at the Cosi chain.

          1. re: gemann

            Well, gemann, the last time I went into David's I asked for a flagel and was given same. They didn't give me any sort of "bagel nazi" treatment for using the alternative word.

            1. re: Bob W

              Well Bob W, its either a bagel or flat at David's so flagel was close enough. I just thought as a chowhounder, you might want to use the appropriate term for the round, flat bagel. I doubt Lurker W. asked for a flagel.

              1. re: gemann

                Agreed. Knowing Lurker W. as I do, he would never dare deviate from the establishment's preferred usage.

                I, OTOH, like to push the envelope and will continue to request flagels when I enter the hallowed halls of David's. The flagel is a superior product for those who like the bagel crust more than the bagel innards.

        2. Jfood just checked the website and his normal $1.00 buttered bagel is now $1.25.

          Jfood asked his ravioli guy about the price increase recently and he told jfood that wheat has gone up 50% in the last six months.

          But even at $1.00 and Ess-a-bagel is light years better than the crap they try to pawn off here in FFD county CT.