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Feb 20, 2008 10:13 AM


Just heard about this restaurant, anyone been yet? How did you like it, what was favorite dish.

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  1. Well, here is one of several posts where the subject comes up. Of course, you can read Ms Irene's review in today's LATimes for her perspective, which was 2 stars worthy.

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    1. re: carter

      I've heard interesting things about that reviewer. I'm new to the area so I'm not familiar with her style. The review seemed very complimentary but only 2 stars? What does it take to get 3 or 4 from her? I had been once before the review back in December and I'm glad I read the review because it sparked my interest about the place again.

      The service is excellent. Attentive, warm and professional with out being stuffy. I like that in a nice restaurant. I have been back a couple of times since my first venture simply because of the service, which is my main concern when I go out. I can cook for myself if I want good food. Very consistent service and the food is unbelievable. Try the Lamb (Medium) or the Sea Bass.


      1. re: sc4jc86

        It takes a lot to get three or four stars. If you read the legend that goes with the stars, I think 2 is Very Good -- how many restaurants can you really say even that about? 3 is reserved for places like Providence or Spago, and I think the only 4 was the original Bastide. I think this is consistent with the New York Times scale.

        1. re: sc4jc86

          As a concept, four stars does not exist in her mind here in LA, an early Bastide review notwithstanding. Even three stars are quite rare, so when she gave Melograno 2 stars, that should be considered a good to very good review.