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Feb 20, 2008 09:37 AM

broken ankle-- any easy recipes?

I recently broke my ankle and am on crutches for 6 weeks... I miss cooking and eating well so does anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking for easy recipes that I can make that don't require standing for long periods of time. Thanks!!!

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  1. I broke my knee in August and was off my right leg for 8 weeks. I also missed cooking and my best advice to you is to get a counter-height stool to sit on so you can chop and cook without putting pressure on your leg. I would also sit at my kitchen table and pre-chop and prepare some things for a few days (onions, garlic, chicken breasts, etc.). I also made sure I had a tray or basket that I could use to transport things from one area of the kitchen to the other...even though I have a small New York-apartment-sized kitchen, it's very helpful to have everything in one place. Good luck!

    1. I would look for recipes you can do in steps so you can sit down in between stages.I have been having some muscle issues from medication so a lot of standing an walking can be fatiguing and also make me ache. A lot of Asian recipes are great for that kind of preparation. I made Ants on a Tree last night, the noodles soaked 20 mins while I prepared the marinade for the pork. Sit down and read the paper then prepare the sauce, back off my feet for a bit after draining the noodles. Then when we were ready to eat it was a very quick dish to put together and clean up was a snap too. Many ingredients can be purchased pre-prepped from the grocery salad bar, more expensive I now but it helps keep off your feet and I just canot get used to pulling up a stool and sitting down to cook.

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        I broke my foot 3 months ago...and yes, still healing. The good part about living in NYC is that everything can be delivered.

      2. 2 years ago, I broke my leg and ankle and on cructhes for 3 months. Cooking was quite challenging, at the beginning I was confined into cooking something easy like roasting or broiling. As my other leg strengthen I was able to easily jump around the kitchen so thats help. The difficult part is grocery luckily my girlfriend agree or fell bad enough to do my grocery.

        1. Having been where you are, I'd advise not stressing over the inability to cook you favorite complicated meals. Just focus on your favorite comfort foods that are easy or that you can recruit help for. Maybe make extra and freeze if possible. If you are on pain meds, they may alter your taste perception. It will go away. Invite friends over for simple potluck meals and you'll find the comraderie will do much to improve your outlook. Those first several weeks can be painful!

          Have a list of a few friends who can take you shopping, again for the company as much as for the help in reaching, loading baskets, bringing in the groceries, etc.

          Remember to ask for, and DO, your PT. You will thank yourself in years to come. Best wishes, I'd send over some soup if I could!

          1. Hope you have a good recovery. I suggest using a crockpot for some simple and comforting meals.