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Coffee Beans in California, Las Vegas, and Arizona

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This is just a heads up for those traveling to California. If you aren't aware of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf chain you will find them all over. They are Starbucks-like cafes, that serve many varieties of hot and cold coffee, non-coffee drinks, hot chocolate, and teas - as well as cakes, cookies, bagels (with butter or cream cheese), and packaged yogurts and cottage cheese mixes. I'm not sure if any of the branches still serve sandwiches or salads. If someone does know, please advise.

They are among the many kosher food options in the kosher sections of L.A., but best of all there are branches that can be found in areas of California where there is no other kosher restaurant option - e.g. Santa Barbara, Pasadena, Long Beach ...
According to Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz of kosherquest.org, in an answer I received on 1/29/08, "The Coffee Bean stores are certified reliably by Rabbi Benzaquen, for drinks and all other products in all cities other than San Francisco and Hawaii."
There are Coffee Beans in Arizona, and Las Vegas, as well. I would check for their Kashruth certificate, as some of the branches are independently operated.

We were touring in Pasadena last week, and the branch in "Old Town Pasadena" came in very handy.

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  1. In Las Vegas, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores in the Venetian hotel and the Miracle Mile shops (attached to Planet Hollywood Hotel) both sell kosher packaged wraps and salads. The selection wasn't huge, but there was a tuna wrap with a nice dressing, and a couscous salad that my husband and I enjoyed. Also, IMO, the Coffee Bean's mocha latte beats Starbucks' mocha hands down!