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Feb 20, 2008 09:09 AM

Dinner Tonight!

Hello, I have some family in town (and I'm new here myself); three teenage girls and two adults. We want to go out for dinner, someplace between $10-20 per person (we won't be having alcohol). Of course, we'd like the food to be good... doesn't have to be fancy, just tasty! Anywhere downtown would be do-able. Any suggestions?

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  1. Silvertone or Antico Forno would work I think.

    1. Antico Forno, in the North End, is a reliable crowd pleaser. Right in your price range, good for groups, nice selection of Italian pastas and Neapolitan-style pizzas. I particularly like items cooked in their brick oven (no, it's not just a clever name), such as the parchment-wrapped pasta. As a bonus, you're well situated to head to an Italian caffe on Hanover Street for dessert.

      1. Pizzeria Regina of course (Thatcher St. North End). Although Silvertone is a great choice as well, a little something for everyone and very reasonably priced.

        Have not been to Antico Forno, so its not a knock that I didn't mention it.

        1. Another affordable but pretty good restaurant near downtown is Maggiano's Little Italy in Park Square (between Theater district and Back Bay). It's pretty reliable and good for all ages.

          1. I really do not enjoy Maggianos. So I would suggest PF Changs or Legal Seafoods - that's where my family (I grew up here) would go for the same types of dinners when I was a teenage girl.