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Feb 20, 2008 09:04 AM

Girls Night Out off the Green or Red Lines

Hi! My friends and I are heading out for dinner and cocktails in DC a week from Friday, and are looking for somewhere new to try. Not picky about atmosphere, but a killer-good margarita would be nice. Somewhere off the green or red lines would be easiest for all involved. Thoughts??

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  1. Green or Red? That limits you to Penn Quarter, Dupont, U Street, etc. Tons of choices. My rec. is Oyamel in Penn Quarter. Great margaritas, great food and atmosphere even though you mention that's not important. Surprisingly good prices.

    1. Not sure about the food but Lauriol Plaza has really really yummy margaritas. I like their chips and salsa, too. It's a lively atmosphere, always crowded.

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        I've had lunch there a couple of times for work, food and service are ok and unmemorable IMHO, But your right it is a fun space and in Winter they tent and heat the roof deck.

        There are more options in the immediate area of Penn Quarter/Chinatown - unless it's a game night of course.

      2. Two of my favorite spots on the Green Line are the U Street area and the Chinatown area. Both have a great variety of places to hang out. You could do Rosa Mexicano if you're realy looking for a margarita near Chinatown, or La Tasca, but the U St area has such a great variety of places to hang out. Tabaq (snazzy), Solly's (low key), or Station 9 (right in the middle). I bet you could get a margarita at Chi Cha Lounge...

        1. My sugestion is that there aren't great places to get margaritas, but there are some awesome places to try fun and interesting cocktails in the Penn Quarter area. I like Oya's Bar/Lounge area and they make killer cocktails and have sushi specials. Watch out for crowds on Friday evenings in both Penn Quarter and Dupont.