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Feb 20, 2008 08:56 AM

Sea-Tac area, Anthonys or Saltys??

We have friends staying at a SeaTac hotel overnight, catching an AM flight. Not much time to visit so we don't want to spend it driving into Seattle. Which would you prefer Anthony's or Saltys? Or another suggestion? Anybody have anything good to say about 13 Coins?

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  1. I just got off a plane from Phoenix on Sunday evening and went to Salty's at Redondo, just 10 minutes away off I-5 Exit 147. I arrived at 5:50 pm and noticed the Salty's Redondo Beach Sunset/Early Bird/Prix-fix dinner until 6 pm. I was so delighted to see the value in this 3 course dinner but even more, I was thrilled with the menu. My group had Blackened King Salmon, Caesar Salads and White Chocolate Mousse Cake.. for $21.95 each. They also offered seared cod, chicken dijon, top sirloin . Worth it~! my vote is for Salty's at Redondo. The place was humming too!

    1. Lupe, 13 Coins is a Chowhound 21st Century anomoly. Once inside, your wife will begin fantasizing about Frank Sinatra while you have a strange desire to rent a Dean Martin movie and order a martini for breakfast. By the time your order arrives, you will have joined the French in thinking that Jerry Lewis is a great actor. Meanwhile, your dinner guests will wonder if they are really in Seattle or some Las Vegas off-the-strip club where no one knows the time of day--or cares. Personally, I think this type of time travel has some merit. I also like ordering pasta and a full steak dinner at 6:00 in the morning and not having the wait person bat an eye.

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        "By the time your order arrives, you will have joined the French in thinking that Jerry Lewis is a great actor."

        I'm sorry, but that is the best quote yet on this blog. Cheers to you Leper!

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        1. Haven't been to Salty's in a while but do take traveling guests to Anthony's several times a year. My wife and I are very adventurous diners and are willing to try anything knowing you are going to run into hits & misses. But, if I’ve got just one evening with friends or business associates that are staying near the airport I know Anthony’s will be consistently good with no embarrassing surprises. And if they come from a place where they are land-locked they will enjoy the views.
          Also, if you are looking for steak Spencer’s in the Airport Hilton does a good job. A bit pricey, but they cook them at about a gazillion degrees and they come out slightly charred on the outside while nice and juicy on the inside.

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            I *heart* 13 Coins for all the reasons listed above.

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