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Feb 20, 2008 08:45 AM

Gourmet Childhood Favorites

For my husband's 30th birthday I am going to prepare gourmet versions of the foods we all ate as kids. So far I'm thinking I'll do a Macaroni and Cheese dish as well as some type of meaty sloppy joe dish that can be used as sandwich filler as well as in Frito boats (one of his childhood faves). Does anyone have any recipes or additional ideas to send my way?


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  1. How about a chocolate cake decorated as a large Hostess Cupcake (with the white squiggly line across the center)?

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    1. re: Antilope

      Love the idea but he is a 100% Carrot Cake kind of guy :-)

    2. You have to do something with jello! Even it is only ornamental.

      1. Well you could do mashed potatoes with garlic, cheese, or something to fancy up the dish.

        1. For the mac and cheese dish, how about macaroni and blue cheese with chives?

          And how about a casserole? Maybe a gourmet version of a green bean casserole or a tuna casserole. (Is it even possible to make a gourmet tuna casserole?)

          1. Mac and Cheese goes well with tomato flavor... Tomato Soup!

            You could do chicken tenders coated w/ panko, parmesan and herbs, as a "gourmet" coating.

            Instead of french fries, sweet potato or butternut squash sticks baked or fried topped w/ parm or gruyere and sage.

            I like the above idea for Hostess Cupcakes... just make carrot cake cupcakes and do the requisite icing top swirl and filling with cream cheese frosting instead.