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Feb 20, 2008 08:39 AM

Too Much Potato Pancake Batter! Help Please!

I had a craving yesterday for potato pancakes. They have mashed potato, milk, butter, carmelized onion, sharp cheddar cheese, whole wheat flour, rolled oats, 2 eggs and some honey ham chopped up in them.

They were very delicious but I made waaaay too much batter. Its sitting in the fridge and I will probably not be able to eat them all tonight for dinner and I am worried about the batter sitting in the fridge as I am very nervous around raw eggs and batter.

Should I freeze the batter raw, make up all the pancakes and freeze them or sort of bake the remainder of the batter with some extra cheese on top? Anything else I can do with this? Maybe a sheppards pie type of deal with more ham? I do not have any ground beef....

Your suggestions or thoughts on this would be muchly appreciated.

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  1. Cookie, I am afraid you might be cooked! If you made the batter on Tuesday, it probably has oxidized and turned brown (raw grated potatoes will do that quickly) and the eggs won't be good either.

    For future reference, you should fry up all the batter, cook the ones you are going to freeze about 75%, drain well and freeze in one layer on cookie sheet. When frozen, you can stick them in freezer bag or vacuum seal them. To reheat, preheat oven to 425, put on rack on cookie sheet in one layer for 10-15 min depending on size.

    If you didn't want to mess with potato pancakes, you can turn the rest of the batter into a potato kugel. Have to warn you, potato kugel is only good when fresh & warm, this doesn't freeze or reheat well. Grease your baking dish very well with oil, preheat oven & dish at 425. Preheating the dish will ensure a crispy exterior. Bake the kugel for 30-60 min depending upon size of dish, depth of dish, amount of batter.

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    1. re: Diane in Bexley

      Thanks Diane! So I should throw it out then? :o( All that waste! I wasnt sure if I could freeze them, thank you.

      1. re: Diane in Bexley

        A kugel just sounds like a big pancake! Why cant I freeze kugel?
        Ok I made them for a late dinner last night, Toronto here, and its almost 2pm right now the following day. They havent turned brown I just checked, but is it still save to do something with the batter? I have a lot of zuchinni...but zuchini is kind of watery when baked isnt it....

        1. re: Cookiepants

          Hi Cookie, Do you have any soda crackers in the house (ie. English Soda Crackers, saltines, oster crackers, even Ritz would work). If you do, grind some up and use to thicken the pancake batter. If not, can you make some fresh breadcrumbs?

          slice the zucchini into long slices. Butter an oven-proof pan and add the zucchini layered with the pancake batter. You can also add a layer of tomatoes - (even canned/diced tomatoe will work here). I would also add some kind of cheese and bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes.

          You could turn it into a main meal by adding some sauted turkey sausage or cooked ham, etc.

          1. re: Springhaze2

            Springhaze thank you that is a great idea! The batter is still sitting in the fridge. I can make some breadcrumbs, and that takes care of dinner tonight, definitely add lots more chese. I Love the idea of layering the zuchini, maybe if I have time I will bread the zuchini and fry it first with some more egg and breadcrumbs.

            Is it still ok to eat the batter?

            Next time I wont be adding the eggs to the batter so I make it last longer! Thanks!

            1. re: Cookiepants

              Hi Cookie, While anything fried in breadcrumbs tastes wonderful, I would keep it simple in this case. There is no reason to bread and fry the zucchini, unless you really want to. The batter is still fine, the biggest problem is if the potatoes turn black.

              1. re: Springhaze2

                Hi Spring, its in the oven and i didnt bread it because i was too lazy!
                Youre right this is going to be great the way it is!

                House smells delicious and thanks for your help.

                Ps I put a lot of ham and cheese in it and Im looking forward to dinner with a glass of red wine....mmmm!

                Ok this thing is delicious! Spring you are a culinary genius! There is a great crispy crust on this thing, like a giant pancake! The zuchini really adds something and the cheese is nice and brown just the way I like it!

      2. I might make a potato souflle out of the remaining batter. Id top it with some extra cheese and seasoned breadcrumbs and serve with a parsley garnish.

        1. I would use all the batter and then just freeze the pancakes you made in lunch bags (individual portions) then when ready to eat them again, take out and bake in oven to crisp up again.

          I do this with regular pancake batter for my grandkids... make one huge batch of berries, chocolate chip or banana pancakes and freeze what is not eaten that morning.... great for those out of the blue requests/cravings.