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Feb 20, 2008 08:36 AM

Ballantyne Charlotte NC

I've lived just minutes away from the Ballantyne area for years but have avoided it for a variety of reasons. Now I'm working down here.For the first two months of my job, I have been bringing my lunch to work while I "learned the ropes". Now I feel like venturing out but I have no idea what's down here. We tried to go to Cafe Nirvana today but left without the address and couldn't find it (where is it). We ended up at Villa Antonio which is okay. I need a list of other good places to have lunch in the Ballantyne area. Is it all chains? I don't want to get too far from 521.

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  1. Senor Tequila ( near Trader Joe's on Rea Rd. is very good. Owned by my fav rest., Maria Bonita. Also, Ilios Noche isn't too far (Providence, near 485), 131 Main is great for lunch. Jojo's China Bistro, Dean Deluca for quick bite.....

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      Thanks. By Ballantyne, I meant literally in the center near the Stonehenge (one reason I've avoided it) posts. I saw a Salsarita's, Rising Roll, some other chains but am I missing anything good? I don't have time to go to Stonecrest.

    2. There are a lot of chains right in that area. McCalister's Deli, Five Guys Burgers, Moe's, Salsaritas, Pei Wei, Flat Rock Grill, Panera, Subway, Rising Roll just off the top of my head. The non-chain places I can think of are: Table, Villa Antonio, Nikko, Zapata's, Tony's Pizza, Village Bistro, Jade Asian Fusion, and Akropolis Kafe. I did not care for Zapata's or the Viallage Bistro. I've heard bad things about Akropolis, but haven't been myself. I've heard good things about Table and Nikko, but haven't made it to those either. I do like Villa Antonio, although I've only been for dinner. I also thought Tony's was good for pizza.

      Just across 485 in Torringdon are some more chains (Sticky Fingers, Ruby Tuesdays), one non-chain that I have heard good things about is Global Restaurant. Eddie's Place is over there too, which is decent.

      The Cafe Nirvana is fairly close. It's in a newer shopping center on Lancaster Hwy at the intersection of Providence Road West. (Not to be confused with Providence Rd.) We went there for lunch once and had the buffet. I thought it was mediocre at best. There is also a Topz Healthy Burgers (yet another chain), that is supposed to be opening in that same shopping center soon.

      And, I almost forgot the Galleary restaurant in the Ballantyne Resort itself is supposed to be nice.

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        Topz is open. And while it is a chain, it is nice alternative to some of the other burger places in the neighborhood. The turkey burger is particularly good.

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          Thanks for the Topz info - we tried it Friday night. Mr. ap1994 did not care for the turkey burger but I liked mine. My son had the turkey hot dog, I thought that was excellent. The place was immaculate but a little slow. Very kid friendly.

      2. I really enjoyed Vesuvio's in Ballentyne Village. They serve wood fired pizzas long after the kitchen closes so you see a lot of other restaurant staff eating there late at night.

        1. In case you haven't found Nirvana yet - go out of stonehenge toward Lancaster Highway, take a left, go past the club, it's in the next shopping center on the left - where RedVentures's ok as far as indian goes.

          Also, Ballantyne Magazine has a restaurant section. The online version is a little out of date (some of the restaurants have closed and obviously with the explosive growth, more are streaming in) -

          I was out near Ardrey Kell/Marvin - just 3-5 minutes south the other day and noticed they're putting in two more shopping centers - one with a Harris Teeter, and then just down there is a live/work complex coming in that lists a bagel shop as a tenant. Not open yet, but I'm looking forward to those.

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            By the way - Poppy's fans - it appears that Poppy's has gone out of business. We called to order Saturday night and the lady answered the phone Italia or something like that. Looks like there have been menu changes and they changed the dough which was the best part. Shame. That's now two restaurants to go out of business in that spot.