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Feb 20, 2008 08:27 AM

Pontiac Pointe in Albemarle NC Closes

The restaurant closed Feb 13. Rumor has it that the owners paid over 1.5 mil on the renovations to the building and they never had enough income coming in. In related news, on e of the the co-owners, David Morgan, is still in the hospital after taking a 3 store fall off the roof of the restaurant while trying to fix the HVAC system.

The food was never that great, but it is still depressing to drive by the packed Applebee's a few blocks away, while a local independent bites the dust.

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  1. too bad...I had lunch there a couple of times when in town for business. Thought the food was good and I like to patronize independents and not chains.

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        1. Yes I had lunch there on Friday. Good service. They still must be training staff as there was a bunch of them. I'll hold my opinion on the food as a French Dip sandwich is not much to go by. The fries were great though.

          1. re: Cutter

            Had lunch today. Ordered the stuff that is easy to mess up and was very surprised at the freshness and quality. The room is pretty, and the attention to detail is evident as well. There place was pretty empty but food and service were top-notch. I live over an hour away,so I won't be a regular but I was surprised to see an independent place like this in a small town like Albemarle.

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              This is confusing...the first post is dated February, 2008 and says the restaurant is closed. Your post says you had lunch there today?

              1. re: bbqdawg

                Evidently they re-pened in late August of '09.

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