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Feb 20, 2008 08:06 AM

Bush's Fried Chicken in RR,TX

I was driving on 620, west bound just past Round Rock High School and saw this place. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. These are a chain from Temple/Waco and surround small cities. Alot of people like their Sweet Tea, but I don't drink the stuff, but wouldn't know. Fried chicken isn't that good and their chicken tenders have alot of breading and little meat. The fries aren't good either. If you have a Popeyes near you or Churchs your better off. We don't have Popeye's where I live. :(

    1. I do like Bush's chicken. It's decent for fast food chicken...the problem with popeyes is lack of meat. Popeyes chicken is tasty, but if you compare pieces side by side from other brands you will notice popeyes chicken has much less meat, especially on the white pieces.
      Popeyes biscuits and red beans and rice and great for fast food sides though.

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        I've been wanting to try Bush's, but I haven't been able to make it. Speaking of Popeye's, did anyone else notice a sharp (negative) change in their chicken, but not the breading, a couple of years ago? The breading tastes the same, but I've wondered if they started skimping on suppliers.

      2. I tried it a few weeks ago when I noticed that it was open. Short review: hated it. I thought the chicken was bland; the mashed potatoes I had as the side dish was just as bland. I couldn't finish it; instead I went and got an order from Popeye's.

        Now, I agree with other posters that Popeye's, unfortunately, seems to be slowly skimping on quality. However, the mashed potatoes with gravy is quite good, for fast food, and the spicy chicken is pretty tasty. But, I don't know what it is about them, but they keep downsizing my order by one piece (order 4 piece chicken dinner, get 3 piece). I would be furious except that they charge me for the smaller order, so it's not like they're trying to cheat me. Maybe I look like I need to lose weight...

        1. I think Golden Chick is much better. I found Bush's to be bland, too. I was most looking forward to the livers and they were dry and over battered. :( The sweet tea is too sweet, IMHO.

          And I really don't like how they have an associate stand outside, next to the ordering board, to take your order (rather than just talking into a speaker) who then runs inside, places your order, and hands you your food while expecting a tip. Somehow it's really awkward that the poor person is standing out there in the rain, just to run 20 ft inside and relay your order. It doesn't personalize the experience --it's weird, just weird.

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            I have to agree that Golden chick is better. And it is weird to tell someone what you want and then give them a tip when a speaker can do that - I guess Bush's is trying to play on the Sonic carhop thing. Plus since I don't go hardly ever, I don't understand their 2 or 3 lanes thing. Sometimes I want to look at the menu and if I am in the second lane I can't see it. I think the 3rd lane if for "tea" only.

            Chicken does have no flavor, but pieces are large.

          2. There is one in Cedar Park too. Very bland chicken. You have to dump a ton of their seasoned salt from the table for any flavor. Big pieces of chicken, but why bother if there is no flavor. Prices are higher than most other places without combo meal type options. The sweet tea has so much sugar it makes your teeth hurt. Went once and won't go back.