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Feb 20, 2008 07:57 AM

Which Maui restaurant for wedding dinner?

For those of you familiar with Maui, I would love your input on where we should have our wedding dinner, following a ceremony on the beach. We will be on the west side of Maui (Napili) and want to stay around there.

Background: it will be a small wedding, less than 20 guests. I had previously made a reservation at the Plantation House, but recently there have been 2 terrible reviews on Tripadvisor, on how the Plantation House screwed up their wedding receptions.

Now I am wondering whether to switch to either:
1) Banyan Tree at the Ritz Carlton;
2) I'o restaurant, Lahaina; or
3) Mala in Lahaina.

Has anyone tried the Banyan Tree since it reopened? What is the private room at I'o like? And is Mala too casual for a wedding dinner? Thanks in advance!

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  1. i've heard of the banyan tree has good reviews if i recall correctly.

    i think you will be better off asking the question on the hawaii board at

    there is also a place called the seawatch restaurant that is pretty popular as well, but i'm not sure what side it's on.

    good luck and congrats!