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Jan 19, 2002 06:11 PM

Can anybody suggest good places in mid/south OC

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Hey there, i live near the spectrum and am looking for some good "hole in the wall type" places.

What i mean is some places that might be off the beaten path a little bit, but when you walk in the front door you are "transported" to the little french cafe, italian villa, whatever.

I have been to the trendy places and while they are nice, i love the places that you walked past 10 times and never realized that there was a great Japanese place inside.

Of course I am not looking for a dump with good food, just some nice surprises.

Just about any cuisine is great.


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    I went to a place right on Ortega Highway across the street from the Mission San Juan. Forgot the name, but it's on the corner, at the opposite end of the building from Diedrich's... closest the 5.

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      torta basilica

      Was it L'Hirondelle for country French Food? While you're in San Juan, Ramos House Cafe. Spectrum area is tough as all so new - my husband used to work there & had a hard time finding anywhere decent for lunch - usually ended up driving to Laguna, but I'll try to think of some more...

    2. Japanese, Kappo Sui 20070 Santa Ana Ave, Santa Ana Heights (714)429-0141.
      Order off the boards on the wall, or ask the waitress. The menu is standard Japanese fare.

      "Authentic Northern Italian Cuisine", Caffe Piemonte 498 E. First St. Tustin (714)544-8072. Very good food.