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Lobster rolls in May?

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Is it worth trying to get good lobster rolls in the month of May? If yes, any recommendations for the Boston area? Will be staying near Tufts University.

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  1. I think you can get lobster rolls all year. B&G Oysters in the South End has my favorite version. Kingfish Hall in Faneuil Hall has a pretty good one. Neptune Oyster in the North End has a hot buttered version and a traditional one as well, though it's more mayo-ey than I like.

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      Thank you for the response, Lissy. I have some more questions which I hope you might find time to reply to.
      What constitutes your favourite version?
      From my limited research on Chow and other sites, I understand there are 2 camps of lobster roll fans: mayo and butter. I don't like mayo much. Can I ask for the butter version at any of the places you mentioned?
      What is the average price?

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        They're not cheap, usually around $25. At Neptune you can get a hot buttered version. At B&G, their cold version is dressed lightly but not with a ton of mayo. The Neptune versions are on brioche while the B&G version is on a plain old white roll which I just prefer.