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Feb 20, 2008 07:28 AM

Mexican in Pittsburgh?

Can anyone recommend a good Mexican place? I've been trying to find a place with a liquor license that's between the rivers. It can be authentic or tex-mex, either is fine. So far I'm batting out with either BYO joints or endless suggestions for Mad Mex, which I have tried but was not impressed. Thanks!

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  1. Iguana Grill on the South Side is good. Mexi-Casa in Dormont is a bit far, but non-smoking and very good. BYO is La Fiesta in Oakland or Taco Loco in the South Side.

    1. I wasn't impressed with Mad Mex either. I didn't really thing MexiCasa in Dormont was really Mexican - they had ribs and wings on the menu (just my opinion). I like El Campesino in McMurray. It is really good and everyone I know that has been there has liked it.

      1. not sure of their liquor license status, but mexico city (downtown) is pretty good. i agree with the other posts relating to mad mex; i am consistently unimpressed by the quality of their food. there's a place in leetsdale (right past sewickley) called azul that does some basic mexican food. they make a mean margarita and it has a great atmosphere. i eat there several times a month and am seldom disappointed.

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          Azul is very good for Baja/Southern CA style Mexican food. Best fish tacos I've had outside of San Diego, and great margaritas. The owners are southern Californians. It's kind of a haul to get out there though, if you live in the city.

        2. Mexico City or Taco Loco for tacos (I believe both have al Pastor and Lingua among others). Azul in Leetsdale for a respectable non-combo plate dinner. I like El Campesino for enchiladas and chilaquiles. But there's still nothing for good seafood or a solid upscale dinner.

          Also been waiting to try a Nicaraguan/Mexican place in Carnegie - Rivas. Seems like it's mostly combo plate stuff, but a few specialties. And owned by Nicaraguans who were flooded out in Etna couple years ago and relocated to Carnegie last year to reopen.

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            I have eaten at Rivas a few times and it has been good. Usually served by the family and the times I have been there, it has not been very busy. They have been open for over a year and have recently re-opened after a trip to Nicaragua.

          2. I just went to Mexico City (downtown) on Monday again and am still in love with it. They aren't open late but are byo, as far as I can tell. Cheap, with great service, fresh chips, yummy pork, etc.

            I also like El Campesino (which has many locations around the suburbs of the city).