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Feb 20, 2008 07:08 AM

ONE night in Burlington, VT. Need dinner rec please!

Hi. So, I'm staying only for one night in South Burlington and would like to have a good dinner. Among the following for overall, which would you recommend? Starry Night, Hen of the Wood, Trattoria Delia, Leunig's, or Smokejacks?
Please take into consideration the following: TASTE, Ambiance, Price, and Location in that order. Much thanks in advance!

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  1. Trattoria Delia: Great food, Rustic/Romantic/Comfortable setting, reasonble prices, and 10 minutes from South Burlington. My other suggestion would be The Kitchen Table Bistro in Richmond. All of the above except slightly higher prices and a 20 minute drive from South Burlington. Starry Night is a bit of a drive as is Hen of the Wood. I am not a big fan of Leunig's food and Smokejack's always feels noisy and cramped to me.

    1. If you're considering the Starry Night Cafe (about 30 mins outside of Burlington), you should consider the Black Sheep Bistro in Vergennes (about 40 mins from Burlington). The food in fantastic and the atmosphere is very relaxed. A 3-course meal will be about $30 (without drink, etc). Taking everything into account, I'd say it's my favorite restaurant in Vermont (the quality of the food for the price is unmatched). Another place to consider (over Leunig's IMO) is the Daily Planet downtown. Check it out here:

      1. I'd say the Tratt or the Kitchen Table, do the Tratt if you want cozy, warm and dark and Kitchen Table if you want country, clean and modern. The food at both is excellent. Starry Night is great but it is a hike. If you're looking for great food stay away from Luenigs and Smokejacks, they both are heading downhill, fast.

        1. Just noting here that Hen of the Wood is in Waterbury, which is around half an hour drive away (in winter, less in summer).

          1. I enjoy a Single Pebble, L'Amante and Taste on the waterfront. I've been to all 3 within the last 6 weeks- I enjoy each but Taste won for "the whole package"- Food, service,ambiance. Had a phenomenal dry aged (locally grown) filet mignon crusted with spinach and fontina. It was wrapped in caul fat- One of the best pieces of beef I've even eaten- A reasonably priced Abbots Table from Owen Roe ($42 or $44 I believe).
            The food at LAmante is excellent - the wine too- but i'm not a fan of the dining room- Not cozy enough for me.
            Hope you have a great time in BVT!

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              Taste is a great option. I have had great meals there and others that have been ok. They really shine when they do wine pairing dinners and specials like OCat listed above. I think the place can be noisy (due to the cement floors). Depending on the night, noisy os not always a bad thing !

              And yes, a bottle of Owen Roe makes any nigght a bit better !