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Feb 20, 2008 07:01 AM

Lunch near 14th and G NW

I'm going to be working near 14th and G and would like some lunch recommendations. Open to all types of food.


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  1. Ceiba I think is near there, 13 and G, there is some other stuff right there and I forget what it is.

    1. DC Coast is right down the street from you, on 14th and K. Very good seafood.

      Butterfield 9 is close as well, they are more of an American bistro.

      Cieba - latin/spanish food is close as well.

      All of those are more expensive - is price an issue?

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      1. re: ALLex16

        Cheaper is better but I can spend money every once in awhile. I won't be going out to lunch every day anyways. Got to save some of what I get!

        1. re: schmems

          If you sit at the bar during lunch, Butterfield 9 isn't too bad. It's not cheap but its reasonable and very good. There is also a High Noon around the corner from there. And a number of chain sandwich shops.

          For yummy french bistro food, Bistro D'Oc isn't too far away.

        2. re: ALLex16

          I just checked out the menus of those places and they look great. Definitely once in awhile places. I agree that they are a bit pricey.

        3. For quick, cheap takeaway, the Old Ebbitt Express is close. When my wallet is light and stomach empty, the $4 "half" pasta has saved me more than once.

          Is the halal food cart still nearby?

          1. Ollie's Trolley's bacon cheeseburger on E street. good emanadas at the tiny coffee house on G across from Cosi at 11th. not your average food court by the Press Club at F and 13. Cafe Mozart 13th (I think) and NY.

            when the weather is nice the plaza in front of the Willard is a good place to go with take-out and watch the ducks - Penn and 14.

            new carts:

            too bad Reeve's closed.

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            1. re: hill food

              18th and Eye might be a short hike but in the food court basement of International Square, Szechuan Pavilion has a take-out stand that's really good (and closer to you than C-town) look for the non-haoli list.

            2. Oh you will be working there often, sorry I thought it was a one day thing... well then there is also a Port of Piraues on 14th and H or I, maybe I think, there is also Capitol City on New York Ave, and a deli that was pretty good forget the name, but pretty close by which is cheaper for lunch. Also on H ST I don't know how far is Teaism.

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              1. re: ktmoomau

                Thanks for all the great recommendations. I should have clarified my length of stay. I will be working up there for three months.

                1. re: schmems

                  You're lucky to be in that area because there are a lot of options. There's this place called Ici Urban Bistro that I absolutely love on the corner of 15th and H streets. Its inside the Sofitel Hotel. It can be slightly pricey but its great if you're looking for good selection, quality food, and speed of service. They have a special menu to order from if you'd like to be in and out in 30 minutes.