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Feb 20, 2008 06:39 AM

Chow between Minneapolis and Seattle

Hey 'Hounds, my boyfriend and I are roadtripping from Minneapolis to Seattle next week, most likely along I-94 through North Dakota, and need recs for places to stop for meals and good coffee. Also, heads up on any novelty places to stop, weird cafes, chowish things to break up an otherwise long drive would be helpful. We're only taking two days to do this, so we're not looking to go very far off the freeway, but a few miles or so is no problem. Thanks!

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  1. OH MY GOD! If you GO NO WHERE ELSE make the trek North to JUDY FU'S SNAPPY DRAGON restaurant. It is, perhaps, the most amazing Chinese food I've ever eaten and there is nothing like it here in Minneapolis. It is the thing I miss most about Seattle (and I miss plenty).

    Make sure to try ANY dish that comes with their homemade noodles and do yourself a BIG favor and start off with a BIG plate of Jiao Zi, their world famous homemade dumplings. I know when I get to heaven they'll serve Judy Fu's Jiao-Zi there.

    1. Folks, please limit your replies in this thread to recommendations for states covered by the Midwest board, including North Dakota. If you have recommendations for Seattle, please post them on the Pacific Northwest Board here

      Thank you.

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        i don't have much of help, but here's an old thread:

        sounds like you may have better luck, at least for montana & idaho, re-posting this query on the elsewhere in america board. as far as novelty places i think there are more in south dakota than north dakota (wall drug etc.), but it sounds like speed is of the essence on this roadtrip. maybe stock up in the msp co-ops before you go and see if anything strikes your fancy on the road--that's the kind of chow adventure a lot of hounds would like to read about, btw!

      2. Good luck. At this time of year, I would plan an "out" on your two-day goal -- not only does the terrain/thin air slow things down in that part of the country (even on the interstates), but there's a good chance you'll be affected by weather at some point.

        I've taken a number of trips out that way, though mostly on back roads. While I don't have specifics (a lot of my road trip notes are still stuck on a broken hard drive), Miles City has a nice little downtown with a handful of intriguing places -- it's a fairly quick on-and-off and is the only significant town for quite a while.

        Bozeman is dripping "academia meets mountain biker" feel -- I found a lot of good coffee and eateries on my way to and fro just driving the main drag. Also easy on/off the interstate.

        An interesting phenomenon out west, even the tiniest middle-of-nowhere towns have drive-through espresso places set up. It's really strange.

        West of there, I'm on country highways. My rule of thumb is to keep your eyes peeled for interesting signs. I would also cross-reference after you've scoured here.

        Good luck. Wish I were coming along.

        1. Thanks. I'm just clarifying that I don't need Minneapolis or Seattle recs. I live in Minneapolis, used to live in Tacoma and spent a lot of time in Seattle. It is the approx 2000 miles in between these two I need help with.