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Feb 20, 2008 06:15 AM

Best things to try in NY for Londoner with baby in tow

Hi, I'm a Londoner who will be in NYC for a week with hubby and 9 month old baby in tow. Staying in Manhattan, and will be a bit bogged down by stroller and other baby items.
I love trying foods that are unique to cities and would be grateful for recommendations for NYC. Particularly relating to pastrami sandwiches and pizza. And anything else yummy that isn't found in London. (You do get pizza in London but it's not worth eating, really.)
Places that don't look at you weird for tumbling in with a baby and stroller are particularly welcome. A lot of London places aren't baby-friendly and I'm a bit scared about NY: have heard that people there can have fiery tempers!

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  1. Don't worry about the baby here. Everyone's carrying around something. At least the baby will get you smiles. Katz's deli on the lower east side is good for pastrami. Ray's-they're everywhere-is my choice for pizza. Both should be baby friendly.

    1. Generally, NYC is fairly kid-friendly, except for the high-end places, and more so during the day than in the evening. The only other constraint I would say is space - some places are quite small, so they can't handle a stroller even if they would like to.

      Katz's below is great for pastrami - by far the best bet.

      For pizza, almost any spot will be kid-friendly, but you might as well go to one of the better traditional spots for a real NYC experience. Lombardi's would be my choice in Manhattan. Another option for a great lunch would be Otto. The pizza isn't particularly traditional New York, but it is nice, as are the pastas, meats, cheeses and wine. VERY kid-friendly.

      Not sure it is a New York-only place, but Pastis in the Meatpacking is also very kid-friendly for lunch. Florent is also great in that neighborhood.

      1. Thanks for the tips, Lalalove and tazerowe. I'm definitely heading for Katz's; I've heard so much about it.

        1. Don't forget whitefish salad, lox and New York-style bagels, not to mention knishes! The best smoked salmon in the city would be at Barney Greengrass which would be a very family-friendly locale for brunch. For bagels, I a quick stop in H&H should be satisfactory. And for knishes, I would stop at Yonah Schimmel's after doing Katz's for pastrami. You might want to also consult RGR's (in)famous LES eating tour which has been posted numerous times in the Manhattan board.

          I've also encountered a few ethnic specialties in NYC that have otherwise been hard to find such as Shanghainese soup dumplings (xiao long bao) and Nuyorican cuchifritos.