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Feb 20, 2008 06:08 AM

sat night - veritas, perilla or insieme?

we have a friend visiting from out of town that we'd like to take to dinner for a true NYC foodie experience. my wife and i have been meaning to check out veritas, perilla and insieme for a while now and this is the perfect opportunity. if you hounds had to pick one for saturday night, which restaurant would you go for? any color is appreciated. thank you.


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  1. sort of on different levels.

    id skip veritas as i keep saying that the place isnt the same since scott left as chef. ive never been to insieme but while i like hearth, it doesnt blow me away.

    perilla is a little more casual but i think its the best of the bunch here. get the duck!

    if yr looking for 'foodie experience,' id say maybe bar blanc or allen and delancey...both of which have been serving some excellent food.

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      any idea where scott is cooking these days? thanks.

      1. re: sandf2007

        After he left Veritas, Scott Bryan did a 3-month guest chef stint at 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church, VA. This restaurant then hired Bertrand Chemel, of Cafe Boulud, to become the regular chef. There had been talk that Bryan was going to be the chef at the new 10 Downing St., in downtown Manhattan, but that seems to have fallen through. As of now, silence re: his whereabouts.

        1. re: sandf2007

          there was a mention that he was cooking at some restaurant down in DC/Virginia...forgot the name. it was a temporary/guest sort of thing.

          then there was talk of him being the chef at 10 downing which never panned out. that place is still being sorted out but i think with a different chef.

          i used to love of my favorites in the city. in the restaurant's defense, i went only 3 weeks into the new chef but the quality was totally not there. the front of the house is still fantastic but i dont see trying veritas anytime soon.

          ive been hearing excellent things about fleur de sel...try looking into that one for something similar.

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            Hey, sam1, We cross-posted with regard to Scott Bryan. The name of the Falls Church, VA restaurant is 2941 Restaurant. :-)

            Like you, we used to love Veritas. Haven't been since Ed Cotton took over. With the very mixed reports, more on the negavtive side than positive, I've not been inclined to go.

            Your Fleur de Sel rec is a good one. It is one of our favs and never disappoints. Not New American but, rather, contemporary French. We just had the 6-course tasting menu, and it was superb! Excellent wine list, professional service, and small, cozy space with lovely decor.


      2. I loved my meal at Perilla, and you can't beat the neighborhood. Definately one of my favorite restaurants in town.

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          I am going to be at Fleur de Sel this Thursday but the OP actually asked about 3 other venues so I guess by default it would have to be Insieme.
          You didn't ask, but I will recommend Gotham Bar & Grille and davidburke & Donatella also.

        2. Since you want to try out these places, I will suggest the one that I like best among the three. Can't really comment on Verita these days with the chef gone. While I like Perilla, I think the food at Insieme is a level above. Perilla IMO is a great neighbor joint with a cozy environment and good food. However, I wasn't wow'ed by any of the dishes. The food at Insieme was more impressive both in flavor / ingredient combinations and techniques.

          I will save Perilla for a weedend night out with your wife, and bring your friend to Insieme.

          1. I have to agree with sam1's suggestions of Bar Blanc and Allen and Delancey. Really great food, even better than Perilla, which I like very much. Between these 2, I would choose Bar Blanc as it is more comfortable, the noise level is slightly lower, and we have not had to wait for a table with reservations, as we did at A and D.

            1. We have dined at both Insieme and Perilla very recnently, and Insieme is several notches better than Perilla in all respects of the dining experience.

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                Thanks for all the great suggestions. We were able to get a reservation at Perilla so that's where we're going on Saturday. Insieme and A&D are next.